Lafayette magazine is undergoing a comprehensive redesign. The 21st century has seen an explosion of not only new technologies, but also of new ideas about how print journalism functions in our lives, in the world of higher education communications, and in the lives of alumni. Meanwhile, digital technologies continue to evolve with dramatic speed. 

At the same time, Lafayette College remains an institution both firmly grounded in its proud and meaningful past, but also constantly striving to be at the forefront of education, learning, discovery, and service. As a centerpiece of alumni knowledge of and engagement with the College and its people, plans, and programs, as well as its past, present, and future, Lafayette serves an inimitable role in the life of our community, especially across the many generations of alumni it serves.

Recognizing that, even as times, technologies, and opportunities change, Lafayette must represent the best of who this College is and can be, we are re-imagining the magazine and its editorial focus, style, and features to be of greatest service possible to the College and our alumni. 

The re-design of the magazine is being led by a team representing the College’s Communications and Alumni Relations offices.

Our Design Partner

Following a competitive review of numerous magazine design firms from across the U.S. and Canada, we selected as our design partner for this project an award-winning firm based in Toronto, Canada, Studio Wyse.  

Studio Wyse has collaborated with some of the world’s largest media brands and institutions to create and redesign award-winning publications across traditional and digital mediums. Their work in the higher education space includes large-scale, cross-platform redesigns of Willamette University Magazine, University of Toronto Magazine, and Toronto Metropolitan University magazine; and the print redesign of Queens University’s Queen’s Alumni Review. They also partner on smaller, on-going projects with educational institutions, including St. Lawrence College and the Rotman School of Management’s Creative Destruction Lab.

Our Timeline

  • Fall 2022
    • Identify magazine priorities: 
      • Exceptional print magazine custom-designed for Lafayette 
      • Compelling magazine website with complementary digital features
    • Vet competitor firms to select design partner
    • Confirm design partner
  • Spring 2023
    • Conduct readership survey of all alumni 
    • Discuss the survey results and possibilities for the new magazine with alumni leadership
    • Build the editorial plans and design for the future magazine 
    • Discuss emerging magazine with alumni leadership and Board of Trustees representatives
  • Summer 2023
    • Design the first edition of the new magazine
    • Begin designing the website home of the new magazine
  • Fall 2023
    • Launch, in conjunction with Bring the Roar:
      • The new alumni magazine
      • The new magazine website