Civility Pledge at Lafayette

Hundreds of members of the College community took a Civility Pledge last February in response to incidents of bias-related graffiti and other acts of incivility that had plagued the campus. Students, faculty, administrators, and staff also gathered to speak in support of thoughtfulness, respectfulness, and breaking down barriers at the College.

Farai Gombedza ’11 and Brent Hoagland ’12

Farai Gombedza ’11 and Brent Hoagland ’12

Led by John Colatch, associate dean of intercultural development and director of religious and spiritual life, the Civility Project team included Hemendra Bhola ’12; Pam Brewer, associate dean of students and director of student life programs; BJ Glenn ’11; John McKnight, dean of intercultural development; Scott Morse, director of athletic communications; Elaine Reynolds, associate professor of biology; Hannah Stewart- Gambino, dean of the College; and Bianca Vassare ’12.

Researched and composed by members of the team, the Civility Pledge reads: “As a member of the Lafayette community, I will conduct myself in a way that strives to respect the physical and emotional well-being of others as individuals and the community as a whole. I will exercise good judgment as to my personal conduct and exhibit good will toward the other members of my community. I will not remain silent when these values are disrespected by others.”

The text of the pledge was on display in Farinon College Center. Members of the campus community included their photographs on a “pledge wall” to show their support.

“The pledge encourages us all to live together as thoughtful and respectful members of a diverse community. This is a small but very visible sign that we are willing to think, talk, and act in ways that enhance the quality of life for all who work, study, and socialize here,” Colatch said.