Class Columns: 1970s


Michael H. LeWitt, M.D.
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President: Gary R. Platt
Fund Manager: Robert H. Strouse
Reunion Chair: Gary R. Platt

Bright college days, oh carefree days that fly,

To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high.

Let’s drink a toast as each of us recalls,

Ivy-covered professors, in ivy-covered halls.

Reunions are a time for remembering, and our 40th was no exception.

Many KDR alumni and friends were present in force;  Bob Boutillier, Tom Foley and Priscilla Peale, Dave Klink, Jon Marcus and Deb Whitfield, Joe and Peggy O’Leary, Mark and Barbara Whitley, and Don and Diana Woodhouse came as a group and relived their great times together.

Tom and Priscilla live in suburban Hartford, Conn., where Tom is a vice president in the trust department of a Hartford-based bank.

Jon is a development executive in the entertainment, media, and communications division of the UJA-Federation of New York, and he is recently married to Debra Whitfield. They live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Deb is an experienced professional director and accomplished actor. She is directing an upcoming play called Beatnik Café and did an adaptation of Twelfth Night for the Theater Arts Center in New York. She provided me with wonderful insights into the theater, direction, and the difficulties of the glass curtain, being a talented woman in a world where men are not always tolerant of either talent or gender.

Joe and Peggy, who live in San Diego, get the award for longest travel across a continent. Their children, Dana and Katherine, do well in their respective graduate and undergraduate educational programs. They support a third “child,” a horse, who recently was treated for an ulcer. The costs? Don’t ask. Think of the expenses and copays of human medical care but with a large multiplier and no insurance coverage.

Mark and Barbara live in Winston–Salem, N.C., where Mark and son Matthew ’99 now own a group of Subway sandwich franchises. Mark retired after a career in marketing professional practices, most recently with a law firm in the Winston–Salem area. Mark has a special interest in Revolutionary War history, especially as it pertains to the southern campaigns.

Don and Diana still live in New Hampshire. Don and Tom Foley set new standards of sartorial excellence with matching Lafayette bowties, expertly tied, and dark blazers. Don will be mentioned in an upcoming column discussing some of the extraordinary care he provided to the family of a deceased classmate, Barclay Imle.

Steve Brenner came with Mike Weinstein to march in the parade and socialize. Steve lives in Westchester, a suburb of New York City, and works in media.

Al Brink came from Radnor, Pa., to join us Saturday. Many of the beautiful wrought iron lamps on campus are the result of his generosity and the skill of the artisans who work for him. His company, Spring City Electrical Manufacturing, is in Spring City, Pa., a western suburb of Philadelphia.

Steve Corley lives in Mountain Lakes, N.J. His business sells school products.

Nils and Michelle Dailey were with us Saturday and marched in the parade. They live in Guilford, Conn., and have five children. Nils is an accomplished photographer.

Sandy Edwards of Flemington, N.J., joined us Saturday.

Jeff Ferguson went on a trip to Tuscany, as he and his wife of 38 years graciously turned over their house to a family who came to see their son, an Annapolis student, graduate. Jeff earned master’s degrees in urban administration and in business administration and a doctorate in management from Case Western Reserve. He is CEO of a company that provides sophisticated neurological monitoring for complex operations, a type of telemedicine that is in the forefront of the future of medicine. An avid boater, Jeff is refurbishing an older boat so that his wife, an impressionistic painter, can cruise the waters and have a lovely environment to contemplate. Jeff may be allowed to accompany her.

Bill and Judy Harrington came up Friday. Bill had just returned from a visit to Central America, with his return delayed by five days, so they stayed for the Friday events only. His travel relates to his international service organization. See details of its fascinating approach to humanitarianism at

Rich Hildreth, widowed for many years but now happily remarried for 16, lives in Virginia. He bought out his partner and is managing well in this economy. He plans to have surgery on a foot problem, for which we wish him a healthy and speedy recovery.

My wife, Lynne Rubin LeWitt, daughter Rachel ’13, and I were around for the weekend. I was re-elected class correspondent (so, send me your family and personal news). Lynne is a senior vice president and director of trusts for a suburban Philadelphia bank. She enjoys, at times, our empty nest status, which often includes my being away in Johnstown, Pa. Rachel, our younger daughter, just completed her first year at Lafayette and pronounced it “wonderful.”

Dave Littman joined us Saturday for the parade and class dinner. Dave is an attorney in New Jersey. He had Gary Platt and me weeping with laughter over his stories, generally prefaced with “to make a long story short,” which they weren’t.

Chris and Ingrid Marshall, and daughter Kirsten ’13, were with us. Their son, Eric ’10, graduated in May. Kirsten was an able part of the reunion staff and is a talented photographer.

Jim McGuire is with the state attorney’s office in New Jersey. He has a special interest in environmental issues. After retirement from that venue, he plans to go into private practice. Considering Gary Platt’s activities and contacts, there should be plenty of opportunities for a Lafayette grad.

Jim Nelson, who joined our class in our sophomore year, lives in the Boston area, where he is in the commercial reinsurance business. He has additional homes in the suburban Philadelphia area (Chester County), where he raises horses, as well as visits a son.

Gary Parker has two sons and two granddaughters. One married son lives in Oregon, while the other, an attorney married to a psychiatrist, lives in South Carolina. Gary has retired after 38 years with Kodak, the last several as a national manager of sales, and still lives in the Rochester, N.Y., area. He and his wife will celebrate their 40th anniversary in November.

Gary Platt was re-elected class president and reunion chair, despite stiff opposition. He did a superb job organizing this reunion. He practices law in New Jersey and is a splendid schmoozer. He regaled us with great stories culled from his years of practice and lifetime in New Jersey. Some years ago, he proposed a new state motto, which, unfortunately, was not accepted in the contest: New Jersey—you gotta problem with that!? Here the punctuation mark known as an interrobang (), a combination of ! and ?, could best be used.

Jorge and Maria Punchin attended from Puerto Rico, where he is the director of the graduate program and teaches applied mathematics at the University of Puerto Rico. Jorge was originally from Peru and met Maria, who is from Puerto Rico. They have two sons, Jose ’99 and Jorge Roberto. The Punchins get the award for longest travel across an ocean.

Christy and Linda Sutton were back, but I did not have a chance to talk with them.

Richard and Elaine Whitehead have a daughter, who is an electrical engineer, and other children, who teach and practice accountancy. Still working the railways, Richard works part time on tunnels outside of New York City. He sends a special shout-out to John Delatush, who helped him many years ago when both were students.

Mike Weinstein came back to join us Saturday, walking in the parade with a new and highly functional knee. He is marketing his new beverage, a combination energy drink and vitamin powerhouse.

Greg Wilcox was back for the weekend and helped run a barbecue for Chi Phi alums, which was reportedly the source of the best food all weekend.

George and Cynthia Yankowich live in Greenwich, Conn., where George works as a developer of green homes in New England and serves on the housing commission. Cynthia is an award-winning interior designer. Married for 33 years, they have three children, including Adam. The College was especially accommodating to Adam when he was sick early in his college career, after a misdiagnosis of what turned out to be Lyme disease.

Comments about other classmates who came up over the weekend:

Richard Agins is an attorney practicing in Hartford, Conn.

John Cann is a physician and the chief medical officer for the Ministry of Health in Bermuda.

Kevin Harris is a pediatrician, practicing in suburban Philadelphia area.

Wick Johnson runs a successful business in Maine.

Tom LaConte is a judge in New Jersey.

Howie LeWine and Marty Solomon are successful physicians in the Boston area.

Morrie Noretsky has a radio program in the Lehigh Valley area.

Jay Parini ’70

Jay Parini ’70

Jay Parini is a distinguished novelist, poet, and college professor, whose book The Last Station: A Novel of Tolstoy’s Last Year was the basis for a movie released in 2009 starring Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer that was nominated for two Oscars.

Tim Van Hise practices law in New Jersey.

Paul Warner lives on Long Island. Though he retired his professional engineering license eight years ago, he still works four days a week writing specifications, drawing shop drawings, and engineering park development projects for local governments.

Many of the members of the class are represented on bricks outside the Skillman Library as sustained donors to the College under the aegis of the Fleck Society. Thank you.

My apologies to anyone I may have misquoted or for errors reporting details about your presence or history. Mea culpa.

I missed at least one other person I wished I had a chance to talk with at the reunion. That person was you!


Arthur H. Goldsmith
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President: Ronald C. Diment
Fund Manager: Paul H. Dimmick
Reunion Chair: Riley K. Temple


Francis T. Julia Jr.
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Gaithersburg, MD 20886-4599

President: Edward C. Yakobitis Jr.
Fund Manager: Ladimer Stadner Nagurney
Reunion Chair: Raymond F. Green
Web Page Administrator: Francis T. Julia Jr.

Fellow Leopards, I trust that you are enjoying the fall weather and, most importantly, have been seeing how well (hopeful prediction) our football team is doing.

Lad Nagurney reports that he attended a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in June.

Thomas Denitzio ’72

Thomas Denitzio ’72

Thomas Denitzio was installed as the 2010–11 president of the Middlesex County Bar Association in May. Tom is a partner at Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP in Woodbridge, N.J. Congratulations, Tom.

Ed Yakobitis wrote to say all is well with him. He mentioned a planned reunion of the 1970 Lafayette football team this year on the weekend of the Holy Cross game, Nov. 12-14. It marked the 40th Anniversary of that team and the end of the Harry Gamble era as coach. Phil Noto reported that he and the following Class of ’72 members planned to attend: Joe Person, Fran Mustaro, Mike Kelly, Ed DiSalvo, Pete Tonks, Barry Hughes, Mike Donnelly, Andy Mirabito, and Ed Yakobitis. Phil hoped to hear from some of the other classmates who were on the team, including Jeff Burger, Dick Cramer, Jack Hickl, Dave Kenepp, Dr. Bill Krywicki, Mike Lawler, and Bob Plangemann. Coach Gamble and many of his staff planned to attend.

Phil informed me that

  • Jeff Burger lives in Maryland;
  • Bill Krywicki is an orthopedic surgeon in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa., area;
  • Bob Plangemann is an engineer with Pennsylvania Power & Light in the Allentown area;
  • Mike Lawler lives in Pennsylvania, also;
  • Dick Cramer is in North Carolina;
  • Jack Hickl lives in Iowa, where he has become a world-class clay pigeon shooter; and
  • he saw Dave Kenepp at a game last year.

Your correspondent vacationed in San Francisco this summer. I had not been back to the Bay Area for over 20 years. Plenty of changes to see but still a wonderful place to visit. My wife and I enjoyed riding the cable cars, visiting the wine country, and especially the terrific weather. I hope all things are well with you and your families. Please remember to send me updates (photos are welcome as well) whenever you can. Hope to see you on the Hill soon. Go ’Pards!


Larry Gasda
2010 Huntington St.
Bethlehem, PA 18017-4935
(610) 758-9617

President: Lee Hoeting
Fund Manager: John W. Sullivan II
Reunion Chair: James C. Roberts
Web Page Administrator: Open

I hope this column finds everyone well and eager to send an update for the fall issue.

John Shedwick celebrated his 25th anniversary as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Woodbury Heights, N.J., in suburban Philadelphia. He and his wife, Dottie, have been married for 36 years and are the parents of two and grandparents of four. Their daughter Christina followed in her mother’s footsteps as a teacher and has one daughter. Son Brad graduated from the Naval Academy, served for six years, and now works for the government. He is the father of three boys. John encourages any of his Lafayette friends to contact him at

I am saddened to report that two of our classmates died after long and courageous battles with cancer.

Glenn Falkenstern was a lifetime resident of Norwood, N.J. A graduate of Old Tappan (N.J.) High School, he earned an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. His wife, Patricia; sons, David and Kevin; sister, Joyce; and mother, Jessie, survive him.

Dennis Corriveau earned a master’s degree from the University of Vermont. He was a founding partner of Service Design Associates (SDA) of Raleigh, N.C., a company that helped municipal governments collect delinquent child support payments. After selling SDA, Dennis continued his work in the field of child support collections through his own company and later as a consultant to PSI of Denver, Colo. His wife, Beth Ann; children, Steven and Michelle; and his mother, Jenny, survive him.

The members of the Class of ’73 extend their condolences to the families of these two fine gentlemen.


Edward K. DeHope
75 Fairwood Road
Madison, NJ 07940-1460
(973) 377-7338

President: Rhoda C. Rothkopf
Fund Manager: Robert A. Jacob
Reunion Chair: Joseph P. Grimes
Web Page Administrator: Jay H. Krall,

I am saddened to report that Paula Stringer Crane passed away at her home in Jonesboro, Ga., Oct. 18, 2009. After college, she achieved several health care certifications as an addiction counselor. Paula became associated with Clayton Behavioral Health in 1994. In 1996, she founded a residential substance abuse program for the Clayton Center. Paula became CEO in early 2009, managing 300 employees and overseeing the needs of Clayton County, Ga., residents in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases. Over the years, Paula served on many committees and boards in her community, including Clayton Cares, Georgia School of Addiction Studies, and Georgia Community Service Board Association. She will be missed.

On a happier note, congratulations to Diane Vollweiler Elliott, who was appointed in March as executive director of New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem, Pa. A nonprofit, New Bethany serves the poor, homeless, and mentally ill in the Lehigh Valley. New Bethany is working toward building a larger services center in the South Side of Bethlehem and must raise $2.3 million for that project. In her prior role at Lafayette, Diane served in the president’s office, oversaw legislative affairs and federal grants, and worked as the College’s public service director. Those experiences will serve her well as she tackles this task. In addition, she is a former Northampton County Council member and co-founder and former director of the Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative.

Ken Ross writes from Cupertino, Calif. He works as a principal systems engineer for Science Applications, which in February acquired his previous employer, CloudShield Technologies. Ken published several papers this year on subjects related to advanced computing and will present one in September at the International Conference on Parallel Computing in San Diego. He and wife Stella enjoyed a pleasant California summer.

Darlene Bailey ’74

Darlene Bailey ’74

Darlyne Bailey is thrilled to report that she is back in the Northeast and close to her alma mater. She now works at Bryn Mawr College as dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Research and as special assistant to the president for community partnerships. Darlyne writes that she has “a dream job that allows me to be surrounded by incredible folks while fully living my passions.” She adds that she is “finally listening to what I have written, taught, and ‘preached’: The seeming detours in life are truly part of the Path. Staying ‘awake’ to all ensures that you will be able to give and receive many unanticipated blessings.”

Congratulations to Bob and Dee Jacob. Their son Paul and Erica Boyd were married in a beautiful ceremony in Bourne, Mass., April 24 and honeymooned in Las Vegas. Dee is now a published author, having contributed significantly to a new business book entitled Velocity: Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance—A Business Novel. Bob was elected to the board of directors of Soundview YMCA in Branford, Conn.

Harry Norton was appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as an investigator of complex disciplinary charges and will work in conjunction with the Office of Attorney Ethics. Training took place in July. Harry’s prior experience as a prosecutor and as an attorney representing public bodies makes him an ideal person for this assignment.

Joe Grimes reminded me that our class now has a presence on Facebook. He created a group for Lafayette College Class of 1974 under his personal name, Joseph P. Grimes. As of this writing, 29 classmates have friended the group page. All are invited.


Carol Pescatore Harpster
95 Oxford St.
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028-1605

President: Paul Steckel
Fund Managers: Laneta J. Dorflinger, David R. Taschler
Reunion Chair: Charles P. Kurowsky
Web Page Administrator: J. Gary Caputi

The Class of 1975 online community is a little quiet on the heels of our 35th reunion. Hope for more news for the next issue.

I am sad to report the June 21 death of Thomas Fogg. Tom was one of our older classmates, receiving his degree in electrical Engineering at age 40. Tom was a devoted husband and a father of four. He worked for Conolog Corp. in Branchburg, N.J. He was a man of few words and an avid tennis player, hiker, and cross-country skier. He adored every dog he ever met and completed certified therapy dog training with his Leonberger, Summer. Tom leaves behind Shirley, his devoted wife and best friend of 55 years, three children, many grandchildren, and his brother and mother.

Deborah Maurer Gildersleeve and her husband, Richard, have two daughters, one in Williamsburg, Va., and the other a graduate student in Scotland. Deborah is president Envirochem Inc., a chemical manufacturer in South River, N.J.

James Strong ’75

James Strong ’75

On the academic front, Dr. James Strong was appointed provost and vice president for academic affairs at California State University (CSU). James received his MBA from the University of Toledo and his Ph.D. in marketing and organization behavior from Drexel University. He is the former dean of the College of Business and Public Policy at CSU–Dominguez Hills.

It is never too late to head back to school! Jim Bingham began work on his MBA in energy and sustainability resources at Franklin Pierce University, where he works in the information technology department. Jim was also the lone reporter from our 35th reunion and reports the campus looks beautiful. The College renovations on Third Street at the bottom of the hill impressed him also.

That is all for now. Please send me updates via email or Facebook and let me know what is going on in your life!


Betsy Huston Fadem

Susan Krieger Harris

President: James A. Curnal
Fund Managers: Lori Glauberman Rubin, Debra Waldele Champagne, Ellen Kravet Burke, Susan Barnes Carras
Reunion Chairs: Ann Shellenberger Bell, Susan B. Tischler
Web Page Administrator: James P. Simos,

Did you know that one of the top hits in June 1976 was “Sara Smile” by Hall and Oates? Seems like yesterday to all of us. But believe it or not, in June it will be 35 years since we graduated. Make plans now to attend and reconnect with your classmates. We shared our college years together, and reunions are a time to create more memories.

Jamie McLaughlin ’76

Jamie McLaughlin ’76

Jamie McLaughlin was appointed to the Subscribers’ Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE). The SAC is comprised of PURE members (policyholders) who provide PURE’s leadership with recommendations for ways to better serve members, oversee audit functions, and champion PURE in local communities. Jamie was formerly chief executive officer for Geller Family Office Services and before that served for nearly five years as managing director and head of the New York office of Convergent Wealth Advisors. Jamie resides in Darien, Conn., with his wife, Julie, and their son, Austin.

After serving for the past seven years in Kaiserslautern, Germany, as a supervisory logistics management specialist, providing equipment fielding and storage fill for all Army units in Europe, Robert Stern is returning to Olympia, Wash., with his wife and youngest daughter. He longs for the peaceful walks in the Olympic Peninsula with his Labrador, Raisin. Robert traveled to France and Italy this past year. After spending a total of 15 years there, he considers Europe a second home.

Daniel R. Satriana Jr. ’76

Daniel R. Satriana Jr. ’76

Daniel R. Satriana Jr., who is a labor and employment attorney in Denver, Co., has been appointed vice president, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado.

The column is short on news this time, but that means that there will only be more to talk about at our reunion. Mark your calendars now for your trip back to the Hill to celebrate our 35th, June 10–12. I hope to see you all then.


D. Kirk Harman
1510 Unionville-Wawaset Road
West Chester, PA 19382-6755

President: Barbara Levy
Fund Manager: Michael A. Saffer
Reunion Chairs: Barry I. Bregman, Michael Margello, Nancy Edgar Winkler
Web Page Administrator: Paula Askman Byrum,

Russell Benner was promoted to division manager for public works in Pennsylvania with T&M Associates, an engineering firm he recently joined. He served previously as vice president for CMX Inc., where he provided municipal engineering services for large and medium-sized communities in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties. During his career, Russ has led substantial efforts to improve public infrastructure and has overseen major revisions to planning and zoning ordinances in the region.

Lisa Rickard ’77

Lisa Rickard ’77

In June, Lisa Rickard was named among Washington’s  Most Influential Women Lawyers by the editors of The National Law Journal. Lisa has served as president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform since March 2003. She has led comprehensive legal reform campaigns at the state, federal, and international levels. Since March 2010, she has also served as executive vice president of the U.S. Chamber and leads the Chamber’s Workforce Freedom Initiative.

Leroy Nunery ’77

Leroy Nunery ’77

In April, Leroy Nunery was appointed Philadelphia School District’s chief of institutional advancement and strategic partnerships. Responsible for fund-raising and outside partnerships, Leroy also oversaw the district’s intermediate unit, which provides technical assistance to public schools. In June, he was promoted to the newly created position of deputy superintendent.

George Watson ’77

George Watson ’77

George Watson was named dean of the University of Delaware’s College of Arts and Sciences. After Lafayette, George earned his Ph.D. from UD. He has been a member of the faculty since 1987 and has served in a number of roles, including associate dean of the college and, since July 2009, interim dean. George was awarded Outstanding Teacher in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2000 and Teacher of the Year in 1998.


Kent R. Buzard
9113 Cotton Press Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 910-1495

President: Charles M. Snyder
Fund Manager: John A. Broderick
Reunion Chairs: Alan C. Good Jr., Carol Coffey Tarsa
Web Page Administrator: Melinda Kwasnik Kraus,

Greetings, classmates. My mailbox has been empty, so I don’t have a lot this time. I had plans to get up to the Hill for either Homecoming or Lehigh, so I hope I ran into some of you and will have more news next time.

Chris Caine ’78

Chris Caine ’78

The Institute for Education (IFE) presented Chris Caine, president of Mercator XXI, with the IFE Leadership Award at its award dinner held at the Egyptian embassy in Washington, D.C. In addition to his work with IFE, Chris was instrumental in the establishment of Lafayette’s Policy Studies program and the Caine Scholars Award for Global Leadership, Business, and Policy. This monetary award allows deserving students, who would otherwise be unable, to take an unpaid internship. This year’s recipients were Megan Jones ’10 and Daniel Stefan ’10. Another great example of a ’78er making a difference!

Please send me any updates about yourself or classmates so this column will be a little longer next time!


Thomas J. Feehan Jr.
5005 40th Place
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Barbara Bingham Kalavik
36 Prospect Ave.
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(973) 839-1472

President: Laurie B. Samet
Fund Manager: Laurie B. Samet
Reunion Chairs: Bonnie Butler, Barbara Felter Liptak
Web Page Administrator: Laurie B. Samet,

The parcels of news that have accumulated with the alumni office (mostly through press releases) have a dominant theme of job moves and career advancements.

Michael Neborak ’79

Michael Neborak ’79

Michael Neborak was appointed executive vice president and group chief financial officer at Willis Group Holdings. He is based in New York and will also work out of the London office. Previously, he was CFO at MSCI Inc.

Donald Morel Jr. ’79

Donald Morel Jr. ’79

Donald E. Morel Jr. was named to the board of directors of Kensey Nash Corporation, Exton, Pa., a medical device company focused on regenerative medicine utilizing its proprietary collagen and synthetic polymer technology. The company is a leader in the field of resorbable biomaterials, serving the cardiology, orthopedic, sports medicine, spine, endovascular, and general surgery markets. Donald is chair and CEO of West Pharmaceutical Services.

Glen Hair ’79

Glen Hair ’79

Glen Hair was named senior vice president for Gannett Fleming Inc. of Harrisburg, Pa., an international planning, design, and construction management firm, where he has been employed for 31 years.

Tom Feehan joined Cirdan Group in Timonium, Md., as director of business development, responsible for market strategy development and sales in the federal market sector for the company’s information technology services, program management, and verification and validation practice groups.

Maj. Gen. Mike Milano ’79

Maj. Gen. Mike Milano ’79

Vince DePalma joined Shred-it International Inc. as president and CEO in August 2009 and has relocated to Toronto. Vince served previously as president of Pitney Bowes Management Services LLC in Connecticut. He notes that daughter Kelly is a junior this fall at Villanova University, majoring in human services, and that she enjoys tutoring and mentoring underprivileged children in the Philadelphia area. He mentioned that he visited with Maj. Gen. Mike Milano and his family in Fort Jackson, S.C. Mike took over as commanding general of Fort Jackson, the Army’s largest training base, after a stint as commanding general at Fort Knox, Ky. Prior to Fort Knox, Mike served two-and-a-half years in Baghdad as commander of the Security Transition Command.

Harriet Brown authored a memoir entitled Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle with Anorexia, the story of her family’s battle to help her daughter recover from the disorder. A frequent contributor to The New York Times science section, Harriet incorporates much of the latest science about eating disorders. Her ambition is to change how eating disorders are treated in this country. She launched a book tour with an Aug. 24 appearance on Good Morning America.

Judson C. “Jud” Linville ’79

Judson C. “Jud” Linville ’79

In September, Judson C. “Jud” Linville was named CEO of Citi Cards, Citigroup, New York, N.Y. He now runs  Citi’s North America branded cards business. He became a member of the executive committee and the global consumer banking council, and head of the global cards council for the firm. He previously served as president and chief executive officer of U.S. Consumer Services, American Express. His wife, Cynthia Oaks Linville ’80, is the daughter of Bill Oaks ’51. Jud and Cynthia’s daughter is  Cameron Linville ’13.

The unflappable Catherine Hanlon finished a year of chemotherapy in April, biked 170 miles and raised $5,000 for multiple sclerosis in May, and took a hiking, camping, and rafting trip down the Grand Canyon in June. She reports it was 107 degrees in the shade and bathing was in the 50-degree river water. “It was only the last day when we were helicoptered out and the ’copter looked like a mosquito against the canyon walls that we realized how enormous the canyon is!”

In July, Barbara Bingham Kalavik participated for the third year in a week-long community service project with her two teenage children and the local church youth group, traveling to Kentucky and West Virginia to make homes warmer, safer, and drier with the Appalachia Service Project ( It was a challenging yet deeply moving experience helping these impoverished communities, where 35 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, less than half graduate high school, and unemployment has been in the double digits for decades. The rest of the year, she directs worldwide public relations for Becton, Dickinson and Co.

Kevin Kerlin, M.D., is medical director at Wayne Radiation Oncology, Goldsboro, N.C. He was named a fellow at the American College of Oncology in 2005. Last year, the Journal of Radiation Oncology published an article he and several colleagues co-authored about a clinical trial conducted for the National Cancer Institute investigating a therapy for high-risk prostate cancer. He and his wife, Eileen, have two teenage sons, Brian and Brendan.

Dermot Murphy enjoyed the spring Maroon Club golf outing at Morgan Hill with Tom Feehan, Jack Green, and Lew Stival, reuniting four first-year residents of Easton Hall.

With deep sorrow, we learned of the passing of Collins E. Hamblen on May 8.

Pam Butler passed away Aug. 15 in Colorado Springs, Colo., where she served as captain in the Colorado Springs Fire Department. Please visit the “In Memoriam” feature of our class web site at for additional and more current information.

To provide more timely information about classmates who have upcoming events of significance or notoriety and to more rapidly disseminate death notice information, several features were added to the class web site for your convenience. Thanks to Laurie Samet for her great work on this, and please visit the site often for breaking news and events.

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