Financier Choo ’93 Has Sizzling Style

From his Singapore office, not far from his home country of Malaysia, Michael Choo ’93 empowers the high-revving Asian economy—as a banker.

Choo '93Managing director and head of special accounts for UniCredit Bank AG, Choo helps distressed companies control their debt and limit losses. Known for bringing the tough questions to the table, he designs better outcomes for his clients and UniCredit. “People react with a mixture of uneasiness and admiration … because I’m so blunt,” he says.

Carefully navigating intricacies of culture and business, Choo provides direction to struggling companies while maintaining a steady focus on financial and social responsibility. “Too many bankers are focused on the deal,” he says. “It is the rare banker who steps back and asks if this is the right thing to do.”

During his sophomore year at Lafayette, Choo studied in Brussels. “Understanding and appreciating different cultural values has helped me to see situations from various perspectives and come up with business proposals acceptable to a wider audience,” he says.

An electrical engineering graduate, Choo holds a master’s in business administration from Tulane. His mantra is: ‘why not?’”

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