Mohme ’02 Directs Peru’s Tourism Ministry

Every year, Peru — which boasts the ancient Incan city, Machu Picchu, and lush Amazon rainforest — attracts a steadily increasing stream of visitors. As vice minister of tourism of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism, Claudia Cornejo Mohme ’02 leads the effort to build her native country’s brand worldwide and grow a sustainable tourism industry.

Mohme“Peru is a very diverse country offering culture and nature,” says Cornejo Mohme. “Visitors will probably get to experience the life of an ancient civilization and also get in touch with their inner selves when they travel to the Amazon and are surrounded by beautiful vegetation and fauna.”

While embracing the goal of increased development and tourism, she emphasizes that the Peruvian government is committed to a tourism industry that invites visitors to these scenic and historically significant locations in a way that preserves them for future generations. “We believe tourism is a very important tool in order to develop our country,” she says. “Nevertheless, we also believe that strong regulations are needed in order to preserve this [beauty].”

An international affairs and government & law and foreign language graduate, she holds a master’s from London School of Economics.