By Faculty

BookshelfFranz Kline: Coal and Steel
By Robert S. Mattison, Metzgar Professor of Art
Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley, Pa., 2012
112 pp.


BookshelfEpic in American Culture, Settlement to Reconstruction
By Christopher N. Phillips, assistant professor of English
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012
376 pp.

By Alix Ohlin, associate professor of English
Alfred A. Knopf, 2012
258 pp.
BookshelfSwallowing the Sea: On Writing & Ambition, Boredom, Purity & Secrecy
By Lee Upton, professor of English and writer-in-residence
Tupelo Press, 2012
156 pp.
BookshelfSigns and Wonders
By Alix Ohlin, associate professor of English
Vintage Contemporaries, 2012
261 pp.
BookshelfAn Uncertain Future: Voices of a French Jewish Community, 1940-2012
By Robert I. Weiner, Jones Professor of History, and Richard E. Sharpless, Professor Emeritus of History
University of Toronto Press, 2012
368 pp.

By Alumni

BookshelfEvery Bit of It
By Katherine Bodgen ’06
CityLit Press, 2012
62 pp.
(Winner of Harriss Poetry Prize)


BookshelfThe North American Idea: A Vision of a Continental Future
By Robert A. Pastor ’69
Oxford University Press, 2011
264 pp.

BookshelfOne Trick at a Time: How to Start Winning at Bridge
By Jim Jackson ’72
Master Point Press, 2012
168 pp.

BookshelfJustice Betrayed
Jeffrey David Reynolds ’73
Sunstone Press, 2012
269 pp.

BookshelfTaming the Beast: Wall Street’s Imperfect Answers to Making Money
By Larry Light ’71
Wiley, 2011
275 pp.
BookshelfSpring Fevers
Edited by Matt Sinclair ’90
Elephant’s Bookshelf Press LLC, 2012
104 pp.