Killian ’77 Specializes in Children’s Dentistry

KillianThe waiting room of Dr. Constance Killian Neves ’77 is filled with patients ages 1 to 16. “Children are so honest,” she says. “They immediately let you see how they are feeling—sad or happy, scared or excited. And they are so trusting. It makes me realize what a precious responsibility it is to care for them.”

Besides her pediatric dentistry practice in Doylestown, Pa., Killian is an adjunct faculty member at University of Pennsylvania’s dental school, where she earned her dentistry degree. Named a top dentist for 2012 by Philadelphia Magazine, she was president of American Board of Pediatric Dentistry in 2004-05.

A biology graduate, Killian was particularly influenced by her adviser, Shyamal Majumdar, and Bernard Fried, both Kreider Professor Emeritus of Biology.

A member and piano accompanist for Meister-singers as a student, she is now part-time organist and church choir member, and sings with Doylestown Comfort Choir.

“My Lafayette education and support from my family gave me the knowledge, confi dence, and experiences that helped shape my career,” says Killian, whose brother is James Killian ’84. “I was struck by the individual attention that we were given. The faculty’s focus on undergraduate education is where Lafayette really shines.”

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