Quad Facelift

PHASE TWO of the grounds improvement project, focused on the Quad, is expected to be complete by late November. Quad Drive and the parking areas have been removed, and a network of pathways around and across the area have been constructed using brick, granite, and Pennsylvania bluestone.

Part of the Quad’s lawn will be re-graded, sodded, and an irrigation system installed. Landscaping plans include the addition of nearly 100 trees, 1,600 shrubs, and groundcover plantings.

The first phase included the conversion of Pardee Drive into a brick walkway, and the removal of the road and renovation of the green area bordered by Acopian Engineering Center, Hugel Science Center, and Watson Hall. The new mini-quad has been named Anderson Courtyard in recognition of the leadership support provided by Carl G. Anderson ’67 and Deborah B. Anderson.

Parking has been improved and expanded elsewhere on campus, including construction of a new surface lot on Pierce Street and expansion of the Clinton Terrace and Cattell Street corner lot.