Outdoorsman: Cody Renfrew

Cody RenfrewA reputation for excellence was pivotal in Cody Renfrew’s choice of Lafayette, as was recognizing that it could be his home on the East Coast. “I thought I would fit in great with the small, close-knit community.”

  • BEGINNINGS: Renfrew, of Vacaville, Calif., graduated from The Thacher School in Ojai.
  • ACADEMIC FOCUS: He describes himself as a “math/science type of guy,” and is considering a major in engineering. But he is also interested in the stock market and investing, so economics is another option. Either way, he’s excited to explore the possibilities.
  • STRAIGHT SHOOTER: Growing up on a ranch, Renfrew learned to shoot by hunting deer, wild goat, boar, and duck. He took up trap shooting at school and was the first freshman in 10 years to win the school’s Vaquero Cup. In his junior year, he shot 25 of 25 clay pigeons in one round of trap and won the Charles Pratt Trap Shooting Plate, for best score out of 50 targets (he missed one). “Shooting taught me a lot about the rewards of hard work and dedication.”
  • ALL-AROUND GUY: Renfrew has joined the rugby team, Ultimate Frisbee team, Racquetball Club, and Wallyball Club.
  • HORSEBACK ART: Renfrew, who started breaking colts in high school, has picked up a silver dollar off the ground while at full gallop on a horse.
    • Book: Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
    • Movie: Gladiator
    • TV Show: Lost
    • Food: mint chip ice cream
    • Song: “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts
    • Free Time: Outdoor Society and Investment Club
    • Last Word: “I’m excited to meet new people and to find out what I want to do—and to experience four seasons for the first time.”