New Faculty

Nine professors filled existing positions, and three assumed new posts created as part of the College’s strategic initiative to increase the size of the faculty by 20 percent, or 35 positions. The new positions—biology, Asian Studies/government and law, and mechanical engineering—bring the total to 23. Faculty members are listed here in order of their appearance (L-R) in the photograph above. Read more.

Lindsay Soh, instructor of chemical and biomolecular engineering; Ph.D., environmental engineering, Yale University

Youshaa Patel, assistant professor of religious studies; Ph.D. religious studies, Duke University

Jodi M. Szarko, assistant professor of chemistry; Ph.D., physical chemistry, University of Colorado-Boulder

Eric S. Ho, assistant professor of biology, affiliated appointment computer science; Ph.D., biochemistry, Rutgers University

Olena Ogrokhina, assistant professor of economics; Ph.D., economics, University of Houston

Michael McGuire, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering; Ph.D., civil engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Brittany Perry, assistant professor of government and law; Ph.D., political science, Duke University

Il Hyun Cho, assistant professor of Asian Studies and government and law; Ph.D., government, Cornell University

Zoe Boekelheide, assistant professor of physics; Ph.D., physics, University of California-Berkeley

Tobias Rossmann, assistant professor of mechanical engineering; Ph.D., mechanical engineering, Stanford University (not pictured)

Michael J. Senra, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering; Ph.D., chemical engineering, University of Michigan (not pictured)

Brandon Van Dyck, assistant professor of government and law; Ph.D., government, Harvard University (not pictured)