Fact Check on NFL Roster

I’m not trying to make unnecessary trouble, but you may want to fact check articles written by alumni about their own exploits a little more thoroughly.  Not to take away from his overall achievement of making the NFL (which is impressive), but Ed Baker ’70 was never on the New York Jets active roster in 1973 as he seems to claim.  After Joe Namath was injured that year, Bill Demory was the QB the Jets signed to a contract to replace him, a fact that directly contradicts Dr. Baker’s story.  Dr. Baker was later signed by the Jets as a free agent during the 1974 off-season but was released during training camp that same year.

I’m sure there was no ill intent on Dr. Baker’s part to mislead, but this significant portion of the article is simply not factual and was very easy to verify.  And truth be told, embellished stories like this can call into question the veracity of future articles written by alumni.

Mickey Goldberg ’91


Remembering Giants of the Faculty

Many thanks to President Alison Byerly for quoting at length some remarks made at the latest reunion regarding “The Impact of Faculty.”  The professors named were indeed giants of the faculty—well-known and admired by all. They shared their wisdom and erudition warmly and without a trace of pedantry or condescension.

Other alumni will, no doubt, submit additional names. May I have the honor of naming Louis Stableford of biology; James Dyson and Arthur Montgomery of geology; Johannes Gaertner of art; Harold Streeter of French; and, of course, Albert W. Gendebien, professor of history and archivist of Lafayette for many years.

For alumni my age, “staying connected” in large measure means remembering with admiration and respect the enormously talented faculty that we were blessed to enjoy.

Gary R. Layton ’65


Kudos on Summer 2018 Issue

The summer 2018 issue of Lafayette is inviting, readable, informative, and fun. I like the theme “having fun”—that’s an important part of life. I commended to my wife, Karen, “The Power of Nudge,” especially the restaurant menu, along with “Slow Dancing with the Universe,” from which I learned several things. I love “Final Word: Cutting His Teeth in the NFL,” which is funny, poignant and informative. Even the Class Notes have good humor. I like the small illustrations alongside the Class Notes— inviting and eye catching without being in-your-face. My compliments on a most inviting and fun issue.

Peter Hanson ’61
(former publisher, Money magazine; former general manager, Sports Illustrated; not an expert, but a fan of good magazines)


Thank you for the nicely done, colorful, and many items in the summer 2018 Lafayette magazine with Class Notes and attractive features. It was good to see all the contents. After looking at the print version I saw that an online version was available. The Pards at Play section was of special interest.

Harold Hartman ’56


You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.

Tom Greenbaum ’64