Alumni Participation

FIRST, THE ALUMNI PARTICIPATION rate is viewed by publishers of college rankings as a significant indicator of alumni satisfaction and contributes to how Lafayette is perceived by prospective students. Every gift lifts the participation rate and helps Lafayette continue to compete successfully with its peer institutions to attract the best and brightest students.

Second, when combined with other alumni gifts, the impact is profound. As Teevrat Garg ’10 recently said, “Last year, gifts of $50 or less totaled $92,655 ($100 or less totaled $255,978). Funding for programs that made our Lafayette experience special continues to come from support by alumni like us.” Your gift, no matter the size, has the power to change lives.

“I didn’t realize that tuition didn’t cover the full cost of a Lafayette education,” says Jon Ellis ’98. “My experience was subsidized by alumni who went before me. I return the favor by helping current students with my Annual Fund gift.”

Participation also shows class pride. Is your class doing its share? The goal for 2011-12 is 40 percent participation (up from 37 percent last year).

The Annual Fund 2011-12 year ends June 30. For information on giving: see Annual Fund website at, call (610)330-5034, or email If you are unsure whether your gift has been counted for this fiscal year, we’ll be glad to help.

Alumni Gifts 2010-11 Update
The following were omitted or listed incorrectly in the special section Alumni Step Up to 37% in the fall 2011 Lafayette Magazine:

Christopher Blechschmidt ’97
Maria Fekete Brugg ’02*
Kenneth D. Chavin ’83*
Ann Pisetzner Fatsi ’88*
Richard Fritz ’60*
Richard H. Grant ’41**
Mark R. Sheeleigh ’84**
Susan Ungerleider ’77*

See for the complete 2010-11 Summary of Giving and Volunteer Participation.

*Fleck Society member for 10 years
**Fleck Society member for 15 years or more