by Faculty

BookshelfNo Accident, Comrade: Chance and Design in Cold War American Narratives
By Steven Belletto, assistant professor of English and chair of the American Studies Program
Oxford University Press, 2011
224 pp.

BookshelfThe Literary Kierkegaard
By Eric Ziolkowski, Charles A. Dana Professor of Religious Studies
Northwestern University Press, 2011
447 pp.

BookshelfUrban Design, Chaos, and Colonial Power in Zanzibar
By William Bissel, associate professor of anthropology
Indiana University Press, 2010
394 pp.

By Alumni

BookshelfWeapons: Propaganda, Publishing, and the Battle for Global Markets in the Era of World War II
By John Hench ’65
Cornell University Press, 2010
333 pp.

BookshelfData Structures and the Java Collections Framework (third edition)
By William Collins, associate professor emeritus of computer science
Wiley, 2011
736 pp.
BookshelfSkies Apart (CD)
Ashley Juavinett ’11
ashley j, 2011
BookshelfThe Album Amicorum and the London of Shakespeare’s Time
By June Schlueter, Charles A. Dana Professor Emerita of English
British Library, 2011
210 pp.
BookshelfProject Dog: A Celebration of Dogs
By Kira Stackhouse ’02
Nuena Photography, 2011
352 pp.