Faith in Giving

There are many reasons to give to Lafayette. Some give to programs that made lasting impressions on their lives hoping their gift will have a similar impact. But what is the motivation for giving?

Don Richwine ’73, who recently made a multi-year commitment in support of the Annual Fund, believes unrestricted support is essential to sustaining Lafayette’s commitment to quality.

Early in his career as a mechanical engineer, Richwine realized how well Lafayette had prepared him in comparison to peers who regularly sought out his assistance. His studies covered all the necessary technical subjects, but the key component was the development of critical thinking.

“Being taught how to address and solve problems is what set me apart,” he says. “I recognized my strength was the ability to employ a thought process instead of simply applying an equation. I learned to regard engineering as art — creating solutions.”

This interdisciplinary philosophy inspired his career at General Electric and motivates him as president and CEO of Precision Profiles, Inc., of Titusville, Pa., a manufacturer of precision products and components for the power-generation industry.

Richwine has made his contribution unrestricted because he believes in Lafayette’s leadership and vision. “Fostering an environment where students are encouraged to explore different curricula, value diversity, and grasp a global perspective is critical,” he says. “Lafayette is creating a unique culture where people from diverse backgrounds and interests are working together to achieve real world goals.” Richwine not only believes in Lafayette’s plan; he’s making it happen.

For information on Unrestricted Gifts, contact the Development Office, (610) 330-5034;