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Lafayette students have a double advantage when it comes to internships: Proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, and a powerful network of more than 20,000 alumni that includes leaders from art to manufacturing and business, from technology to medicine.

More than 300 alumni provide three- to five-day job-shadowing experiences during January or opportunities in the summer. Students recognize the value: 78% participate in an internship or other field experience by senior year.

Career Services assists them in exploring options and funding opportunities for unpaid internships. Resources include the Bob Beane ’58 Intern Scholar Program, internship stipends funded by recent graduating class gifts, and housing options.

Several special academic programs include an internship. In the College’s eight-week, London-based program on ethical and social issues in health care, students take a course taught by Lafayette faculty and serve internships at health care workplaces.

Another example is the Washington Semester program, based at American University, in which students take courses and serve an internship related to their field of study. They earn academic credit that is transferable to Lafayette

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