In the National Media

USA Today (“Blair: Thatcher Pursued a Course of Conviction,” April 8, 2013), Chicago Tribune, Telegraph (England), and many other national and international outlets feature video of Tony Blair’s comments at Lafayette about the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Philadelphia Inquirer (“Lafayette College Receives One of the Largest Gifts in Its History,” Sept. 16, 2013), Chronicle of Philanthropy, and others highlight a gift to the College from S. Kent Rockwell ’66 of $27.9 million.

The Chronicle of Higher Education features initiatives to infuse diversity throughout Lafayette’s curriculum (“Adding Diversity to Curricula,” Oct. 28, 2013).

Forbes features Lafayette’s externship program (“Externships: What They Are and Why They’re Important,” May 30, 2013).

In the National Media

Elizabeth Lucy ’15 works with students in Madagascar

USA Today College features LIME (Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education), a student-led, peer mentoring program (“American Students Pave Way for High Schoolers in Madagascar,” June 13, 2013).

In the National LimelightNature publishes research coauthored by Kira Lawrence, associate professor of geology and environmental geosciences (“Patterns and Mechanisms of Early Pliocene Warmth,” April 4, 2013). [Illustration at right by Chris Brierley, Department of Geography, University College, London.]

Time features research of Susan Averett, Dana Professor of Economics, and Julie Smith, assistant professor of economics (“Your Unpaid Rent Could Make You Fat,” Feb. 6, 2014), based on their article published in Economics and Human Biology (December 2013).

The Washington Post features Elizabeth Suhay, assistant professor of government and law (“Liberal Comment Trolling Polarizes Conservatives, but Not Vice Versa, Study Says,” Oct. 7, 2013).

The Nation (United Arab Emirates) features Neha Vora, assistant professor of anthropology and sociology (“Impossible Citizens Explores an Indian Identity Within the Emirates,” Nov. 26, 2013).

Associated Press features Helena Silverstein, professor of government and law (“Report: Arizona Judges OK Most Minors’ Abortion Requests,” Aug. 11, 2013).

The Atlantic (“The Cicada Killers Are Coming,” July 10, 2013) and Chicago Tribune (“Monster Wasps on Prowl for Cicadas,” Aug. 20, 2013) feature the expert commentary of Chuck Holliday, professor emeritus of biology.

BloomburgBusinessweek features David Shulman, professor of anthropology and sociology (“Why We Tell Lies at Work,” Jan. 31, 2013).

Inside Higher Ed publishes an essay by Tony Cummings, professor of music (“The Forgotten Utility of the Humanities,” Oct. 10, 2013).

The Los Angeles Times Review of Books publishes an essay by Alix Ohlin, associate professor of English (“Reader, You Married Him: Male Writers, Female Readers, and the Marriage Plot,” Feb. 7, 2013).

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