Getting Stronger

More than 100 students enrolled in a program launched this fall in which they earn an Intercultural Competency Certificate from the Office of Intercultural Development.

They receive recognition for participating in co-curricular diversity and social justice education initiatives such as discussions on local, national, or global issues; guest lectures, artist residencies, and cultural performances; Landis Center programs; Safe Zone training; International Student Association programming; Social Justice Institute; and Posse Plus retreats.

The students are advised by intercultural development professional staff and are required to write reflections on each program or event and complete a capstone project before earning the certificate. The program not only encourages more students to get involved but also develops skills that will be beneficial upon graduation, says John McKnight, dean of intercultural development.

A session was held prior to fall semester for faculty and staff to discuss intercultural competence as an essential component of a 21st-century education. A monograph on this topic was published by the Association for the Study of Higher Education in 2012.


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