Going Forward

“Landis has grown far beyond a volunteer center. In many ways, it’s the College’s signature program of community engagement,” observes Jim Krivoski, who served as chief student affairs officer for nearly 11 years before he became executive assistant to President Daniel H. Weiss and administrative secretary to the Board of Trustees on July 1.

Winfield plans to make Landis a more active, interactive center for global citizenship. She envisions a broader collaboration with Hands Together, the Haitian relief organization that Hagan founded when he worked at Lafayette.

“It will be a challenging endeavor to harness the do-something-now energies of our students and alums with the complex social and economic dynamics and realities in Haiti,” Winfield says. “I think this is important because in some way it connects to all of our work—understanding the bigger picture, the consequences of our actions, that no act is neutral.”