Consistent Giving Is Cornerstone

Fleck Walkway

Jack Alexander ’50 and friend Sheila Schleier locate the brick etched with his name after the rededication ceremony held during Reunion 2013. Photo by Ken White/Zovko Photographic.

WHY DOES ONE GIVE? The reasons are as numerous and diverse as the donors themselves, but every gift—large or small—helps secure and strengthen the foundation of Lafayette College. Whether it is one inspired moment or a series of experiences that spur the desire to give back, one thing is certain: The generosity of alumni is a measure of success, a promise for the future, and a foundation that keeps Lafayette strong.

Even more important is the commitment to give consistently. Since its founding, Lafayette has relied on alumni support not only for its mission but also for advances in academic and extracurricular programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a growing, healthy endowment. The Marquis Society, James Madison Porter Society, and Société d’Honneur recognize and honor individuals for their support and dedication.

Since 2006, Lafayette has recognized those who give for five or more consecutive years as members of the Fleck Consistent Giving Society, named in honor of the late Cyrus Stoner Fleck Sr. ’20. The names of those who give for 10 or more consecutive years are recognized with an engraved brick on the Quad symbolizing the individual units that form the foundation.

Consistent giving sustains the College, assisting with present operations as well as future plans. Like its peer institutions, Lafayette faces stiff competition to attract and retain the finest, brightest students and the highest-quality faculty members while at the same time providing the best possible student experience, in and out of the classroom. One simple, effective way to help the College maintain its competitive position is to continue to increase the alumni participation rate at a consistent level. The participation rate is one of the statistics used by some of the college-ranking systems.

Philanthropy is the bedrock of Lafayette College. Every donor, every gift, regardless of size, influences the quality of education offered, makes a difference in the lives of students, and keeps Lafayette strong.

For more information, contact Julianne Nolan, assistant director, Annual Fund, (610) 330-5620 or

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