It was great to read about the ongoing developments at the College in the area of leadership (spring 2013 Lafayette Magazine). I’m glad that more students are realizing and participating in the leadership opportunities that Lafayette offers. Reading about the LLI and Pam Brewer’s involvement (“Taking the Lead,” page 14) was a pleasure and needs a correction. Pam was developing student leaders even before 1995. It may not have had a formal name or structure back then but when I attended from 1991 to 1995, I was mentored in leadership by Pam Brewer, Bobbi Kerridge, Deb Hoff, and those who led the ROTC program.

Pam and Bobbi provided me tremendous opportunities to chair both the Lafayette Activities Forum and Family Weekend. I was a night manager in Farinon, which had leadership components as well. Deb ran a stellar resident adviser program with a tremendous amount of formal leadership training. Having left Lafayette with all the wisdom from being under the tutelage of these fine folks, I’ve been able to lead in the Army National Guard serving my country, within a Fortune 500 at JPMorgan Chase, and now as soccer coach at Swarthmore. My leadership abilities that sprouted at Lafayette have allowed me to transform my own life on regular occasion, and now I am passing the torch to my scholar-athletes who receive formal leadership training— similar to Oaks Leadership Academy.

Lead on Lafayette!

— Todd Anckaitis ’95
PE Faculty Instructor, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, Pa.


Introducing a High-Velocity President” (spring 2013 Lafayette Magazine) and the features on the website are all most informative about Alison Byerly. The bio, photo gallery, and interview questions helped me to know who she is. You did a splendid job introducing our new president. And that’s important; we all want to know about her, and we want to be proud of Lafayette.

— Peter Hanson ’61
New Canaan, Conn.


Just a few days before I was to conduct a discussion at a Great Decisions group meeting about hacking of the PLA, I read the story “Mandia ’92 and His Cybersecurity Firm Featured on The New York Times Front Page” (spring 2013 Lafayette Magazine). I used Kevin Mandia’s findings on computer hacking in cyberspace as part of the discussion. I applaud Mandia’s good work and look forward to reading further reports from the Mandiant cybersecurity firm.

— Frank M. Downing ’51
St. Michaels, Md.


I remember Connie (“Constance Killian Neves ’77 Specializes in Children’s Dentistry,” fall 2012 Lafayette Magazine and website) from my freshman year in Ruef Hall and also from Meistersingers. She was a kind and welcoming floor mate to an overwhelmed first-year student. Her piano skills were fabulous; interesting that she has a career in another set of ivories too!

— Susan Fleming Bence ’78
Okemos, Mich.


I would like to thank Lafayette College for spreading the “Lafayette in Persia” (spring 2013 Lafayette Magazine) story to the young generation. As a beneficiary of a Lafayette education in Iran, I think this story needs to be spread to educational institutions around the globe. The message it conveys is that it is possible to build a multinational educational environment to train future leaders for the world.

The Lafayette education that was given to me in a foreign setting has done so much more for me than can be said in a short letter. The education I received was not just designed to teach
me engineering; it was intended to make me a better human being, a leader in my field, and a manager.

I was touched by the photograph showing students in a classroom going over letters from 1925 and analyzing the events of those days with Professor Rachel Goshgarian’s help. It seems that
the legacy is still working, and the seeds are still bearing fruit. It is enlightening to know that young students have an interest in Middle Eastern studies in order to better understand our world. It tells me that there is hope for the future, in spite of the tough times in the world today.

— Bahram Safa
Irvine, Calif.

The photograph on page 35 of the spring 2013 Lafayette Magazine features Walter Groves ’19 greeting Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who reigned from 1941 to 1979, son of Reza Shah Pahlavi who was shah from 1925 until forced to abdicate in 1941.

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