From the Alumni Association: Building Stronger Connections

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting on the Quad for Commencement, yet as I write this letter, I am just a few days away from attending my 10-year reunion. I can still remember the concurrent feelings of apprehension about leaving my “home on the Hill” and excitement for the journey ahead. Reflecting on my time at Lafayette has reminded me how grateful I am for the strong friendships I built with fellow students, the enduring relationships I formed with College faculty and staff, and the knowledge and experiences I gained, both inside and outside the classroom, that have all had such an important impact on shaping the person I am today.

Building Stronger Connections

photo by Randi Monceaux

One of my primary goals as the newly elected president of the Alumni Association is to engage alumni in College-related activities. Each and every one of you can help shape Lafayette’s future through your involvement and participation.

Among the many ways you can do this are sponsoring an internship or externship for a current student, participating in alumni-sponsored events, and making a donation. It is important that we continue to improve the percentage of alumni who give, as this has a direct impact on our rankings. Every gift counts, regardless of the size. And Lafayette enables donations to the Annual Fund to be directed toward areas or programs of the College that are of most importance to you, or for use on the most strategically important initiatives that are critical to moving our school forward.

The alumni community is the backbone of Lafayette. We need you to be our ambassadors. We need you to be involved. And we need you to donate. We are all different from one another, except for one thing that will always bring us together— a bond that cannot be broken, but only strengthened. We are family. We are Lafayette. It is our obligation as alumni to make our family stronger any way we can.

Beat Lehigh!

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