Alumni in Global Service

Bill Bull ’85, director of health, safety, and security, Council for International Educational Exchange; former Peace Corps specialist and recipient of 2006 John F. Kennedy Peace Corps Award

Doug Campbell ’86, executive director, Hands Together, Haiti

Hank Cauley ’77, senior officer, Pew Charitable Trusts, areas involved: Somalia, Australia

Hart Feuer ’04, research fellow, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn; Ph.D., rural sociology; conducts research related to agriculture in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Emily Groves ’05, development manager, Economic Opportunity Institute, Seattle, Wash.; co-Founder, Sacred Valley Health, Cosco, Peru

Paul Kenyon ’71, Peace Corps, Dominican Republic

Sarah Lowery ’02, project manager, public/private co-finance initiative, Forest Trends Association,
Washington, D.C.; areas involved: Colombia, Brazil

Chantal Pasquarello ’02, deputy director, Freedom House, Mexico City

Pamela Passman ’83, founder, president, and CEO, (Center for Responsible Trade and Enterprise), Washington, D.C.

Ruth-Anne Renaud ’86, vice president of women’s philanthropy, Opportunity International, Oak Brook, Ill.

Rajesh Shah ’84, consultant and creator of Peer Water Exchange, Bangalore, India

Jeff Zimmer ’10, program assistant, Middle East and North Africa, American Center for International Labor Solidarity, Washington, D.C.

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