Active listening is one of the components of moving forward. Anyone doing something new knows that listening can aid progress as it provides history, builds team, and creates a common starting point. While this issue doesn’t directly discuss listening, the stories illustrate how important listening can be. Consider the three pairs of Lafayette women who spent an hour talking about their shared experiences at the College. Or how a statistician is analyzing data from different fields and industries to help solve problems. Listening can feel minor, like a new college store stocking brands that customers want. Or it can feel major, like a new president who brings a powerful academic and entrepreneurial background to her role. While President Hurd will, undoubtedly, do a lot of listening over the next few months, now is our time to hear from her—all that she has attempted and accomplished, and how it might shape a college as it approaches its bicentennial. Listening seems to have been in short supply as of late as science is dismissed, experts ignored, and rhetoric heightened. As you navigate these pages, we challenge you now to hear how far we can go when we listen to one another.