Tech Clinic Team Helps Restore Nevin Park Fountain

A grand cast-iron fountain, once featured in Easton’s Centre Square, was moved in 1899 to nearby Nevin Park on College Hill to make way for a Civil War monument. During World War II, the iron was melted down and donated to the war effort. The substitute was a pile of rocks, shaped like a large beehive.

In June, after a 10-year effort, a new cast iron fountain was dedicated. The project was made possible by the neighborhood association, Easton, Northampton County, Lafayette College, and private donations. The new fountain features three iron basins of diminishing circumference with water cascading down into a surrounding granite pool.

Tech Clinic team members Brian Dierze ’16, Caitie Hope ’15, Erin Townley ’14, Maura Schussel ’15, Charles Vincent ’14, and Rebeka Ramangamihanta ’16 presented a poster about their work at the College’s community-based learning and research event in April.

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