Profile: Shellenberger ’69 Earns Highest Honors as Law Professor

The young man aspired to become a criminal attorney because “there will always be criminals.” His father, a businessman, hoped his son would become a tax attorney because “people who hire tax lawyers pay more.” The young man chose a third career path. James Shellenberger ’69 became a professor of criminal law. With 30 successful, […]

Profile: Restaurants Created by Singh ’84 Are Popular Spots in India

“Don’t ask me to change a light bulb please,” AD Singh ’84 warns us in jest, as we dig into a thin-crust pizza. We are seated inside Singh’s landmark restaurant, Olive Bar & Kitchen in Bandra—the place he set up 14 years ago, way before Olive became an iconic national brand. In his 23-year journey as […]

Profile: Teets ’77 Forges Domestic Steel Company

“There’s a whole other world awaiting discovery underground. I worked in the iron and coal mines to see what was there. It was not only exciting, it was dangerous,” says Richard Teets Jr. ’77. He wore a brass ring to identify his body if a mine accident damaged him beyond identification. Teets heard the call […]

Profile: Herman ’02 Seeks Life’s Answers in Literature

Can a philosophical 600-page, 160-year-old novel about a whale be relevant to today’s 20-somethings? For Daniel Herman ’02, the answer is a resounding “yes.” A Buddhist, he first read Moby-Dick when he was in monastic practice at California’s Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. He found his life’s focus: discussing literature as a way of accessing the big […]

Profile: M’m M’m Good

“Everybody I meet loves to tell me how enjoying a bowl of tomato soup reminds them of their childhood. Or, how eating Goldfish crackers with their children creates a really special moment.” These stories are music to the ears of Michael Senackerib ’87, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Campbell Soup Company, Camden, […]

Profile: Life in the Fast Lane: GM Engine Designer

As a boy tinkering in his stepfather’s auto repair shop in Maryland, Dom Lester ’99 dreamed of racing fast cars. “I always wanted not only to race but to design my own engines and have my own shop.” These days Lester is living his dreams. At GM, he’s been designing, testing, and validating engines for […]

In the News: Banking Innovation Brings Patent and Awards

Through her ability to make complex data understandable and useful for informing business decisions, Julie Fleener Hamrick ’81 is having a bold impact on the banking industry. Co-founder and chief analyst of Ignite Sales Inc., Dallas, she pioneered patented analytical methods that are revolutionizing the ways retail banks interact with their customers. Hamrick received the […]

In the News: Fashioning an Enterprise

Kara Schoenhaus Mendelsohn ’97 says she knows what women really want—a great blouse at a great price—and she says that’s what stores want too. The result? The garments made by Mendelsohn’s company, Cooper & Ella, have been flying off the racks at full markup since shipping started in 2012. Fashion trade publications have taken notice. […]

Profile: Armah ’08 Helps Build Microsoft’s Consumer Cloud

Quick adaptation and attention to detail are two skills that George Armah ’08 uses every day on the job. As a software engineer with Microsoft, Armah collaborated on building OneDrive synchronization technology, a part of the company’s file-hosting service that offers cloud storage and collaborative space for consumers. DropBox, Google Drive, and Apple’s iCloud are […]

Profile: NCIS Agent Alexandratos ’00 Is on the Case

Every week, more than 15 million viewers tune in to the hit CBS-TV series NCIS. A real-life agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Maria Alexandratos ’00 says that while the show isn’t a realistic depiction, it has boosted agency recruitment. NCIS provides services to the Navy and Marine Corps as a federal investigative agency […]

In the News: Flessa ’68 Helps Restore Colorado River

“It’s tremendously gratifying … the highlight of my career,” Karl Flessa ’68 told an NPR reporter in early April as he witnessed the Colorado River flowing toward the Sea of Cortez, an event that has not happened for most of the past 50 years. The March 23 pulse flow release of 130 million cubic meters […]

Profile: On the Set with Kalmus ’08

Not even a decade out of college, Ori Kalmus ’08 has worked as a teacher, an army officer, and a reporter. Well, on the set, that is. Kalmus has played those roles as an actor. He’s appeared on NBC’s Parenthood, FX’s Louie, and Showtime’s Masters of Sex. “I want to be part of something bigger […]

2014 Alumni Volunteer Awards

More than 30 alumni were recognized for dedicated service at the annual alumni awards ceremony Sept. 27. Alvin Yearwood ’83, judge in the New York City Criminal Court and acting Bronx County Supreme Court justice, received the George Washington Kidd Class of 1836 Award for distinction in his career. He has worked in New York’s […]

In the News: Kramer ’88 Leads Medical Missions to Haiti

By Sharon Sanders “Even the smallest amount of medical attention to the orphans and villagers makes a huge difference in health. As I return years after my maiden trip, the scrawny children I first treated are now big and strong, towering above me with huge smiles,” says Dr. Eric Kramer ’88. In February, Kramer will […]

In the News: Stolls ’87 Advances American Literature

By Matt Sinclair ’90 “I love reading. I love books. All types of books. I love talking about books with people who see things differently than I see them. I love a beautiful sentence. I love a shocking ending,” says Amy Stolls ’87. Recently named director of literature at the National Endowment for the Arts, […]

In the News: Pryor ’71 Honored by Chemical Industry

On June 4, Steve Pryor ’71 received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the American Chemistry Council. Pryor, president of ExxonMobil Chemical Co., was honored during the annual ACC meeting in Colorado Springs, Colo. The award is presented periodically to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary vision, guidance, and discipline, and who have made outstanding contributions in […]

In the News: Austin ’71 Receives Diagnostic Medicine Award

By Sharon Sanders At the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) scientific meeting last month in Dallas, Dr. Marshall Austin ’71 was awarded the 2014 Papanicolaou Award, one of the highest honors in the field. But what really excited him was the accompanying opportunity to present a lecture about his hero, Dr. George Papanicolaou. “Dr. Papanicolaou […]

In the News: White ’06 Named to Ocean Acidification Study

By Sharon Sanders A postdoctoral researcher at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay, Maine, Meredith White ’06 has been appointed to the Ocean Acidifi cation Commission of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Established by the Maine legislature to investigate and report on the impacts of changes in ocean chemistry on the state’s […]

Remembering Bruiser

An avid Leopards fan, John Kinard ’52 died Sept. 9. Former president of the Maroon Club, he also served a number of years as president of the Philadelphia Area Alumni Chapter. The popular Leopard Luncheons that he organized were recently named in his honor. For his dedicated service as class correspondent, reunion chair, and Alumni […]