Fostering Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Mai Ao, Ed Kerns, Julia Guarch

Mai Ao ’16 (L-R), Ed Kerns, and Julia Guarch ’15

“Being in charge of the script, scenery, lighting, and other elements of Mary Shelley’s bedroom for Frankenstein 2029 has expanded my consciousness and forced me to articulate my ideas and beliefs so others can understand my creative vision. As a woman and an interdisciplinary thinker, this project not only allows me to amplify my own voice but honor the generations of women on whose shoulders I stand.”
—Julia Guarch ’15

“The life spark of teaching is innovation, and we’re making a pedagogical leap into uncharted territory. For Frankenstein 2029 we’re using new and emerging technologies, bringing together talented people from a wide variety of fields—so ideas can cross-fertilize—and transforming the student into an active and equal participant in the creative process. It’s exciting to be at a place that is reimagining the classroom in bold and relevant ways.”
—Ed Kerns, Clapp Professor of Art

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