Congrats, Admissions, Pesky

The summer edition of Lafayette magazine was a delight to consume! The admissions story by fellow P’08er Alan Finder was rich with narrative about how a class is built in a highly selective and extraordinarily competitive marketplace. Kudos to Greg MacDonald, Matt Hyde, and the entire admissions team for the transformation of Lafayette’s enrollment profile over the past six years!

And the story about dyslexia and the great contributions of Alan ’56 and Wendy Pesky to the understanding and treatment of the disease is not only informative, but gives us a look inside of an extraordinary alumnus and his zest for life and for helping others. Highlighting Professor Lisa Gabel’s ground breaking research and the connections between Lafayette and the Lee Pesky Learning Center demonstrates the power of the Live Connected, Lead Change campaign.

Thank you for bringing us these and other great Lafayette stories in every issue.

—Bob Massa, P’08
Editors Note: Bob Massa served as Lafayette’s vice president for communications from 2009 to 2014. He is now senior vice president of enrollment and institutional planning at Drew University.

Bowtie Shout Out

I was reading the most recent issue of Lafayette magazine today and saw the article “Diagnosing Dsylexia” on Prof. Lisa Gabel’s research with the Lee Pesky Learning Center, which was founded by my good friend Alan Pesky ’56 and his wife, Wendy. It was a great article, and I so hope that Lisa’s work leads to an early diagnosis of dyslexia. Alan, you look great in the picture from 1993 and have hardly changed a bit. And I still love your bow ties.

—David Ellis
Editor’s Note: David Ellis led Lafayette College as president from 1984 to 2000. Alan Pesky served on the Board of Trustees during Ellis’ presidency.

Dear David,
We hope so, too. As you know, the disability occurs in at least five out of every 100 people. Alan’s work ethic and drive are making a difference and are an inspiration to all of us.
—Kathleen Parrish, Editor
P.S. You’re not so bad yourself…