Cultivating new life for cranberries

by Kathleen Parrish p’16 P’20 If you crave cranberries, you’re not alone. Americans consume more than 400 million pounds of the noble berry each year and not just on Turkey day. Cranberry juice, sauce, and dried fruit snacks are big buys at bars, eateries, and grocery stores, and Gordon Swanson ’66 has been at the […]

A Taste of South America

Walk around campus, and you’ll likely see students, faculty, and staff clutching tall paper cups or travel mugs filled with their favorite steamy caffeinated elixir (especially before 8 a.m. classes). It’s not just at Lafayette College, of course. America’s coffee habit has become part of the collective culture, as people of all backgrounds and professions […]

Beyond Lip Service

by Bill Landauer if you’re going to work for a charity that calls on men to grow mustaches in November as a way to raise awareness about men’s health issues, there are two must-haves: an epic stache and a gift for gab. Doug Prusoff ’12, college engagement manager for Movember, favors the Trucker, an upside-down […]