Development: The Fleck Consistent Giving Society

Brick by Brick

At Lafayette, consistency not only counts but adds up significantly. The College recognizes alumni who make gifts for five or more consecutive years with membership in the Fleck Consistent Giving Society.

Fleck Consistent GivingThe society is named in honor of the late Cyrus Stoner Fleck Sr. ’20. An active presence at the College for more than three-quarters of a century, including 47 years as a member of the Board of Trustees, Cy set an exemplary standard for dedication to Lafayette and was the inaugural recipient of the College’s premier award for volunteers, the Lafayette Medal for Distinguished Service. At the time of his death in 2000, 12 days before his 101st birthday, he was the College’s oldest living alumnus.

More than 3,700 consistent givers were inducted as charter members when the Fleck Society was founded in 2006. Since then, the membership has grown to nearly 4,200. Do Fleck members make a difference? Absolutely! In 2010, they were responsible for donating $10,764,985, and they contributed $74,385,992 from 2006 to 2010.

Engraved bricks honor graduates who have supported the College for 10 or more years. Rows of bricks with the names and class years of more than 2,300 alumni line the Francis A. March Plaza, on the Quad in front of Skillman Library, and adjacent walkways connecting Markle Hall with Colton Chapel. Bricks are added each year as more alumni reach the 10-year mark for consistent giving.

“The bricks symbolize commitment to students,” says Kelly Hilovsky ’10, a Marquis Scholar who majored in neuroscience and a standout field hockey player. She has made a personal pledge to be a consistent giver and looks forward to having a brick installed with her name and year. “It’s an eloquent, simple way to demonstrate support for students during their journey at Lafayette.”

Michael Hubner ’93, a 10-year consistent giver, believes consistent giving represents a lifelong commitment to Lafayette.

“Lafayette is a dynamic institution. It’s a living thing, constantly changing. I feel a personal responsibility to do my part in promoting Lafayette’s future, not only for myself, but for tomorrow’s students,” he says. “Some might argue I paid for school years ago when I paid the last tuition check, but I feel indebted to Lafayette in a way that lasts a lifetime.”

Michael ’82 and Linda Tedori Whitman ’83, the chairpersons of the Fleck Society, believe that Hubner and other members of the society exemplify qualities characteristic of Lafayette supporters — they are loyal and intuitive donors who understand that their support is essential to sustaining Lafayette’s commitment to quality. They also believe that if all alumni realized their potential impact, membership numbers would soar.

“It doesn’t take much to make a difference,” Michael Whitman says. “If everyone were to give what they can, even if it begins as a small gift, they would have made their first step as a part of something very important.”

As the parents of two Lafayette students, Katherine, who will graduate in May, and Christopher, a junior, the Whitmans feel the importance of consistency deeply.

“Back on campus with our children, we recognize how much the College has evolved. Being a part of that through consistent giving is exciting and rewarding,” Michael says. “Gifts of all sizes make a difference. The important point is to be consistent. You won’t regret it!”

For information on the Fleck Consistent Giving Society, contact the Annual Fund at (610) 330-5034 or