Class Columns: 1970s


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A letter follows, as written from Susan Imle Bollfrass, who was married to the late Barclay Imle:

“In fall 1966, four young men headed from four states and different backgrounds to begin their college careers at Lafayette. Their majors were as varied as their personalities, but after rush, they each pledged Kappa Delta Rho—and the bond of friendship they were fated to share was born.

“I entered the scene when I began dating Barclay in fall 1969. Since the others did not have steady girlfriends, I spent a lot of time as a part of this ‘band of brothers’ and Don, Todd, and Tom became some of my dearest friends.

“Barclay and I married in September 1970, and the guys were in our wedding. Soon Vietnam, graduate school, and life scattered us around the world. In the years ahead, as the others married, Barclay was in their weddings, and the wives became as close as the husbands.

“Barclay and I had four children—Jennifer, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Christian—and they thought Don and Diana Woodhouse, Todd and Diane Wiley, and Tom Foley were their aunts and uncles. We shared wonderful times together, and they truly became a part of our family.

“In May 1992, when Barclay died in a plane crash, these three men and their wives arrived at our home in Texas within hours of learning of the accident. They put their own lives on hold, helped my children and me in countless ways, and have remained involved in our lives in the ensuing years. They came for confirmations, soccer games, graduations, and all of the kids’ weddings, and they were by my side when I remarried in 1994.

“My new husband was immediately welcomed into the group and so were Buddy’s two children. To date, we share 13 grandchildren; Buddy’s children have given us four and my children have given us nine, and we think those numbers will continue to grow. True to form, Tom, Todd, and Don are involved in the lives of all of our grandchildren and are bringing the gift of their friendship and love to a new generation.”

The bonds of friendship transcend time and space.

Andrew Brawer of Hawthorne, N.J., died Sept. 16, 2008. He was a visionary, a deeply committed textile entrepreneur, and president and CEO of Brawer Brothers Inc. He brought prosperity and growth to his company and love, generosity, guidance, support, and humor to his family. Wife Carole, son Adam and daughter-in-law Keely White, daughters Marleena (Rob) Fass, Heather (Pete) Holmes, Kim (Lance) Aromando, brothers Charles and Peter, and four grandchildren—Reid, Declan, Cole, and Leah survive him.

Jim Bennett '70

Jim Bennett '70

Jim Bennett was elected to a nine-member national board of the FairTax organization. The FairTax Grassroots Advisory Board organizes and manages the effort to enact the FairTax, a national retail sales tax that replaces business and individual income taxes, payroll taxes, and estate and gift taxes. Jim has been involved with the growing movement since 2005 and also serves as regional director for the Northeast.

Robert Heiple
joined First National Bank as regional banking executive and cross-functional sales leader. He will be responsible for developing the overall business strategy for an 11-county region. Heiple, based in State College, Pa., joined the bank from Lexington, Ky., where he had worked at Fifth Third Bank. He has an MBA in finance from University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Stephen Hutnik is a middle school principal in Fort Myers, Fla. A widower, he has two daughters and five grandchildren: twins Caitlyn and McKenzie, in eighth grade; Kiley, in first grade; and Kennedy and Jake, both 4–year-olds (but not reported as twins).

Michael LeWitt writes that his daughter Rachel ’13 is enjoying her second year at Lafayette and was recently appointed a resident adviser for the current semester. She was a Writing Associate for first semester and is contemplating an English major, possibly with psychology. Elder daughter Mattea started a great job as a social worker and case manager in Philadelphia. Son Jeremy is finishing his senior year as a computer science and business/entrepreneurship major at Hofstra University. He spent the winter break in Europe, travelling with his girlfriend to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Belgium, and, perhaps, other places in-between. Wife Lynne works in trust and estates at a bank in suburban Philadelphia, and Michael still commutes between Johnstown and Berwyn, Pa. (the perfect job in the wrong location). After turning 62 this year, he is thinking about retirement, one of the hardest things for physicians to contemplate.

Jon Marcus writes that a few weeks following our enjoyable 40th reunion, he yet again injured his right knee just walking to the golf course—didn’t even get to start the round. Cortisone didn’t work as it had several times before, and after three surgeries over the years on that pesky joint, it finally became time for a knee replacement, which he had Nov. 3. Recuperation has been tough and challenging, but he anticipates returning to the links by April. Before his surgery and this winter, his wife, Debra Whitfield, performed in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde just outside of Philly. Following her stint as Jon’s nurse and cheerleader, she will be directing both an Agatha Christie play in New York and her own play, which was entered in a New York playwriting competition and was selected for production this spring.

Jay Parini’s recent book, The Passages of H.M.: A Novel of Herman Melville, was published in 2010. He sends warm regards from Vermont (ever the master of irony).

Clay Spangenberg writes: “While I majored in chemistry, I never really worked in it. While a full-time graduate assistant, I got my MBA from University of Akron in 1989 (and did much better than at Lafayette, as I was selected to Sigma Iota Epsilon, the honorary and professional management fraternity).

“I have retired twice, once from the Army in 2001 after 31 years, as a colonel, and once from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2008, where I worked in response operations in Washington, D.C. Space Shuttle Columbia; Hurricanes Charlie, Ivan, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma; the Greensburg, Kan., tornado—more exercises than I can count.

“My wife, Susan, and I moved to Stockholm, S.D., to get away from the crowds, traffic, and crime of the D.C. area. People here wave with their whole hands, not just one finger. We bought 40 acres and live here with our two Bernese mountain dogs.

“We have a small consulting corporation, through which we market my experience, knowledge, and training. I volunteer with the Grant County (S.D.) Emergency Management Office and Health Departments.”

Ray Valukonis writes: “I retired last spring after working for Xerox Corporation for 35 years. In my last position, I was vice president and general manager for the desktop printer and MFP business.

“A year prior to my retirement, my wife, Lynn, and I purchased a home in Doylestown, Pa. Our intention always was to retire in the Philadelphia area, and since my daughter and her family live nearby, it became an obvious decision to relocate here.

“Since retirement, I have stayed active by doing some management consulting and volunteering with SCORE in Bucks County, Pa. We provide free counseling and mentoring services to small businesses and people considering starting a business.

“Over the years, I have stayed in contact with several of my DTD fraternity brothers, several of whom live in the Philadelphia area. They include Al Brink, Kevin Harris, George Frisch, Steve Osburn, Jim Kellett, Frank Hoffmann, Ted Nichols, and Rob Crosswell.

“Living less than 40 miles from Easton, I look forward to going back to the Lafayette campus each fall to enjoy a football game or two.”

Jeff Walters writes that he just became a grandfather of twins. He mentions that he was in the Peace Corps, 1970–71. Note new email:

Paul Warner lives in Bellport, on Long Island. He retired after working over 33 years for Suffolk County, N.Y., as a civil engineer. He stayed retired for…one week. He then took a job with Residential Fences Corp., and its sister company, Laser Industries Inc. He now works “only” four days a week, and is retired the fifth day. After many years of administering personnel in highway engineering, and later being in charge of building construction, Paul enjoys a new role as a support person, writing specifications, doing shop drawings, and engineering park development projects for local governments. He gets great satisfaction from his work.

Paul has been happily married to Mindy for 28 years, and they have a daughter, Megan, and a son, Brian ’10. Mindy is a retired elementary school teacher. Megan works for a PR firm in New York City, and Brian works at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., as an electrical and computer engineer.

Mick Weinstein writes: “The only new thing for me is my only child, daughter Dara, is getting married in April to a really good guy. I continue to try to be an entrepreneur in the beverage business with Hydrive (which is sold at Lafayette and does very well there). We’re in about 36,000 accounts around the U.S. but still in the red. Speaking of red, I am on the board at Heinz (and Dr. Pepper). My knee is recovering well from total replacement last March. Too many marathons, I guess.”

Tom Wolf and his wife, Erica, just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. He writes: “We are so proud to watch our kids succeed with their passions. Our son, Dan, 27, is celebrating his first wedding anniversary, and after completing his dual MBA at MIT and Harvard Business School, is now in the corporate development executive program with Medtronic in Minneapolis. Our daughter, Anne, 23, completed a zoology major at University of California–Santa Barbara and is training to become a professional chef, enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America–Greystone in Napa, Calif.

“Although Erica frequently twists my arm to retire, I am in year 26 of practicing clinical neuro-ophthalmology in Phoenix. We still fly frequently in our Piper Comanche for weekends in Pagosa Springs, Colo., or Napa. I look forward to hearing from alumni anytime. My website:”

Bob Wolff writes: “I’m recently divorced and still on the biology faculty at Boston College. My son, Dylan, a senior at Newton North High School in Newtonville, Mass., lives with me and is applying to colleges. Lafayette is on his list!”

That’s all for this segment. If your name and events aren’t here, then it’s time to write in and update your goings-on!


Arthur H. Goldsmith
4 Melvin Terrace
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President: Ronald C. Diment
Fund Manager: Paul H. Dimmick
Reunion Chair: Riley K. Temple

Don Davis manages global real estate organization for VISA–San Francisco. Previously, Don worked in the U.S. Postal Service inspection services investigating mail fraud, thefts, and robberies, in Chicago, 1972–85, and then Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, until retiring in 2000. Dan served as one of the supervisors in the Unabomber investigation and arrest of Ted Kaczynski. Dan and Mary have three sons, Matt, Joe and Tim. Matt, an architect, and his wife, Kristin, an attorney, have two sons, Warren and Russell, and live in the Bay Area. Son Joe is an operations manager for an Internet services company, and his wife, Kassie, is a teacher. Don’s youngest son, Tim, is in graduate theater school at University of Missouri–Kansas City. Don stays connected to Lafayette through hosting students in externships. Contact Don at

Warren Cole and his wife of 37 years, Jackie, have two daughters. Recently engaged Heather, 33, works in benefits administration for Willis in Chicago. Holly, 26, lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband, Chris. After getting his master’s in mechanical engineering at West Virginia University in 1974, Warren joined Corning Inc. in Parkersburg, W.Va. After 36 years in engineering, manufacturing, new product development, and line and portfolio management, Warren is now global strategic sourcing director. Since 1980, the Coles have lived in Painted Post, N.Y., but they also own a condo at Wrightsville Beach, N.C. They also have a small house on Keuka Lake in Finger Lakes, N.Y. Warren would love to see anyone; contact: or (607) 936-4378.

Paul Dimmick '71

Paul Dimmick '71

Our class fund manager, Paul Dimmick, was appointed a board member of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Andrew J. Matwiczyk passed away in Pittsburgh this past June. Andrew worked as materials manager for Michigan Specialty Tubing. Andrew’s two children, Kristin Nicole and Daniel Burke, survive him. Andrew enjoyed golf and gardening.

Bill Greggs retired from Proctor & Gamble after 36 years. He continues to consult on chemical policy and green chemistry. Bill and his wife, Shelly Marcelli Greggs ’74, a retired school psychologist, reside at 4195 Digman Drive, Sanibel Island, FL 33957-5107, (239) 472-6060, but spend summers at Lake Ariel in the Poconos.

As the new address and numbers at the top of this column indicate, my wife of almost 35 years, Linda, and I moved to the Lakes Region in southern Maine in December after 33½ years in Newton, Mass. We (I mean, my wife, as general contractor, and the builders—I can’t bang a nail in a piece of wood) are having a new house built on Moose Pond in Denmark, Maine, 40 miles west of Portland and 20 miles east of Conway, N.H. If any of you vacation in the Lakes Region, stop by.


Francis T. Julia Jr.
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Larry Gasda
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Edward K. DeHope
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President: Rhoda C. Rothkopf
Fund Manager: Robert A. Jacob
Reunion Chair: Joseph P. Grimes
Web Page Administrator: Jay H. Krall,

Shelly Marcelli Greggs reports that both she and husband Bill ’71 have retired. Shelly retired as a school psychologist and Bill from Procter & Gamble. Bill now consults on chemical policy and green chemistry. They live on Sanibel Island, Fla., and spend summers at Lake Ariel in the Pocono Mountains.

Karen Nettler writes that by the time you read this her daughter Diane will have married. Diane and her new husband live and work in Detroit. They planned to marry in Baltimore, where Karen resides. With the wedding festivities complete, Karen vows to get back to her “travel the world” mode. She has visited all 50 states and is now selecting new countries to explore. So far, Karen has been to 60 countries. She views her frequent travel as a “healthy addiction,” and we hope to hear more of her interesting experiences on the road.


Carol Pescatore Harpster
95 Oxford St.
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President: Paul Steckel
Fund Managers: Laneta J. Dorflinger, David R. Taschler
Reunion Chair: Charles P. Kurowsky
Web Page Administrator: J. Gary Caputi

It has been a little quiet for the Class of 1975. I hope to catch up with more of you for the next column.

Ted ’74 and Jane Leader Janeczek report that they have almost achieved a completely empty nest, with their youngest of three, Andrew, graduating from Johns Hopkins in May. Best of all, says Ted, Andrew is also “off the payroll” after that because he will start a job in management consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the McLean, Va., office. The Janeczek’s married daughter, Meredith Mills, lives in Philadelphia and works as an e-commerce manager for a subsidiary of retailer Urban Outfitters Inc. Their eldest son is with the family business, Country Meadows Retirement Communities. In a few years, Jane says, she will offer discounts to any Lafayette alumni, as they have locations in Allentown and Bethlehem, Pa., and will be developing one in Easton in the coming years.

The Rev. Marianne Okkema Rhebergen sends greetings from Syracuse, N.Y., where 70 inches of snow fell in December! In December 2009, Marianne moved to Syracuse to take on a new full-time position as transitional presbyter for the Presbytery of Cayuga–Syracuse. She lives with her mother-in-law, Lois, while husband Rev. Paul Rhebergen ’73 holds down the home fort in Hopewell, N.J., where he is nearing the end of his eighth interim pastorate. Daughters Debbie ’03 and Kristin ’06 live together in Washington, D.C. Deb heads up funds development for the Colonnade Society at the University of Maryland and has nearly completed a master’s degree in higher education administration. Kristin has been with the American Council for Young Political Leaders for over four years. Daughter Rebecca works as an aide for a physical therapy practice and also coaches girls’ summer softball.

Gary Gildersleeve ran into my husband, Joe ’73, on the New York City subway awhile back. After 22 years with U.S. Trust, Gary, along with 10 other U.S. Trust managing directors, left in November 2008 to become a founding partner of Evercore Wealth Management, based in New York City. With $2.5 billion under management presently, Evercore continues to grow and was recently recognized by Barron’s as one of the 40 largest registered investment advisers in the country. Gary’s particular specialty is bond management, with primary emphasis on tax-exempt bonds. Gary and his wife, Carolyn, live in Chatham, N.J., and have been married for 25 years. They have three sons, Burton, Chad, and John.

Jan Petro and his wife, Marsha, have had an adventurous year! They sold their home of over 21 years in Indianapolis and made the move to Eagle’s Ridge on the shores of Lake Barkley in Cadiz, Ky., where they are building a log home. Despite one of the hottest summers on record and the advent of the rainy season, the Petros had hoped to be in by the end of 2010. Jan is retired and will be working on the house, and Marsha is substitute teaching. Son Michael is an assistant principal in the Kateri Catholic School system in Ohio, and daughter Carlye works for Citizen’s Insurance in Michigan. As Jan remarked, “For the first time ever, none of us live in Indiana!”

David Farer '75

David Farer '75

Virginia Bitzer Evans checked in from our nation’s capital. Ginny is a principal with Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver, where she practices health care law involving both defensive civil and criminal false claim cases and compliance work for pharmaceutical and health care providers. Meanwhile, also in Washington, D.C., David Farer chaired and lectured at the 22nd presentation of his American Law Institute—American Bar Association course, “The Impact of Environmental Law on Real Estate and Business Transactions: Brownfields and Beyond.” David is a nationally renowned environmental lawyer with Farer Fersko in Westfield, N.J.

Unfortunately, we must end on a sad note. I am sorry to report the death of Karen Stevens Van Der Beek Sept. 12 after a battle with cancer. She is survived by her two sons, David J. Van Der Beek ’06, currently at Booth School of Business, University of Chicago pursuing his MBA, and Adam Van Der Beek, who runs his new dog-care business in the Boston area, and her husband, Dave Van der Beek ’72.


Betsy Huston Fadem

Susan Krieger Harris

President: James A. Curnal
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Reunion Chairs: Ann Shellenberger Bell, Susan B. Tischler
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Happy spring to the Class of ’76!

David Nicholas '76

David Nicholas '76

David Nicholas was named vice president of the cable group of Panasonic Solutions Company. He is responsible for all aspects of Panasonic’s cable business in the U.S., including sales, marketing, service, field engineering, and U.S.-based development engineering. He will manage the company’s growing digital cable set-top box sales, with the aim of further expanding market share. David and his wife, Renee, live in Park City, Utah, where he is a board member of the Park City Historical Society.

Daniel Satriana was appointed vice president, general counsel, and secretary of University of Northern Colorado. Dan is a name partner at the Denver law firm of Clisham, Satriana & Biscan, where his practice focuses on employment and media law. He received his J.D. from Villanova University in 1979 and has been practicing in Colorado for over 30 years. Dan and his wife, Barbara, have two children, Alison and Joe.

James Paskert was named chief medical officer for the Washington County, Tenn., hospitals of Mountain States Health Alliance, a nonprofit health care organization based in Johnson City, Tenn. Jim was previously vice president of medical affairs for City Hospital of Martinsburg, W.Va. He received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Jim and his wife, Michelle, have three daughters.

Please feel free to drop Betsy or me a note and let us know what you are up to. We will be sure to include your news in the next update. Looking forward to seeing you all at our 35th in June!


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Kent R. Buzard
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This column will be as hard to read for many of you as it was for me to write. Shortly after submitting my column last August, I learned of the death of friend and Zeta Psi fraternity brother Bill Kerber. Bill and I had been corresponding on Facebook after Nancy Dilg King had informed me he was battling esophageal cancer. Chris King was a lifelong friend of Bill’s.

Bill was always upbeat and positive and obviously never let on to the seriousness of his condition. My memories of Bill from college centered mostly on his phenomenal athletic skill and hand-eye coordination. Bill would almost single- handedly keep Zete in contention for the IM College Cup by winning squash, racquetball, ping pong, and billiards, and by competing in team sports as well. I am sure it may have happened, but I don’t recall seeing anyone beat Bill on Zete’s pool table. His pool style mirrored his personality and relied more on finesse and intelligence than power. Bill leaves behind his loving wife, Joan, and son, Andrew. He will be missed.

Frederick Schroer Jr. of Galloway Twp., N.J., passed away Oct. 13. Fred was the 1974 valedictorian of Absegami High School in Galloway, N.J., and a Tau Beta Phi Engineering graduate at Lafayette. A talented musician and vocalist, he was director of the Weekstown German Band as well as lending his skills to the St. Nicholas Church Choir. He was a dedicated employee of Atlantic City Electric and Conectiv Energy for 30 years. Fred was an avid gentleman farmer and loved to hike, bike, and camp. His loving wife of 31 years, Tamera, daughters Melanie and Rebecca, and many extended family and friends survive him.

Jeffrey C. Lovell of Bethlehem died unexpectedly Jan. 4 at the Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg, Pa. Jeffrey worked as a contract administrator for the U.S. Department of Defense for 31 years. He was a member of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and most recently a tonsured subdeacon. He was a past church council member, treasurer, and a member of the board of trustees of St. Tikhon’s Century Association. He will be lovingly remembered by wife Michele, mother Mary, sister Kathleen (wife of F. Roger Bratby), nephews Eric Bratby and Michael Billy, niece Lauren Billy, and beloved pets Christian and Dex.

I have a few other items, but I think I will include them in the summer issue. For now, go hug a loved one, and I will try to have better news next time.


Thomas J. Feehan Jr.
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Barbara Bingham Kalavik
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Spring greetings to all, with the hope that the early start to the cold and snowy winter was only a minor inconvenience. I suspect that the early severe winter weather combined with the holiday season preparation and festivities kept everyone occupied, as we received very few responses and updates, but those who wrote sent great information.

Dave Spartin has been retired for about four years after 25 years in the executive ranks with MBNA Bank. He left the working world when MBNA was sold to Bank of America and now spends his time and energy competing in triathlons. Dave has competed in 33 such events over the last three-and-a-half years, including the Ironman Austria. He intends to compete in the Ironman Louisville and Ironman Arizona this year, barring injuries. Dave also coaches youth football, basketball, and soccer. His eldest son is a first-year student at University of North Carolina, with the middle son graduating high school this year and headed for University of Delaware. Dave’s youngest son is in sixth grade and an avid football player. Dave wrote that he had dinner in New York City in November with Mitch and Lisa Kassel Winter, and that he typically sees Andy Lewis and Dave Elovich several times a year. This past summer at the Delaware shore, Dave ran into Curt Allen, and he occasionally talks with Dave Oberkircher, Phil Duvall ’81, Bill Brightly, Ollie Pimm, Dave Amidon, and Ken Troxell ’80. Dave resides in Wilmington, Del.

Karl and Barbara Huster Sivek wrote to say that 2010 has been a busy year for them. Karl continues his biology teaching duties at West Chester East High School in West Chester, Pa., where they reside, but recently moved his football coaching expertise to West Chester’s Bayard Rustin High School, where he serves as an assistant coach, helping inspire his team to the Pennsylvania state “Sweet 16” football championship round. Karl was the recipient of the MIT Inspirational Teacher Award, a recognition issued to teachers across America who had a profound influence on students who later went on to success at MIT. Barb is the director of industry relations for Siemens AG in Malvern, Pa. and spends much time crisscrossing the country with her work. Siemens had a custom chopper motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers of Discovery Channel fame, and Barb spent time with Paul Teutul Sr. at a health care industry event promoting the Siemens chopper and raising money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Their son, Kelby, is a first-year student at West Chester East High School and is an accomplished musician and band member. Karl and Kelby spent time in July on a youth mission project repairing houses for the elderly and less fortunate in a section of Pittsburgh, which they report was a life-changing experience for both.

Please stay in touch with Barbara and me so we can keep classmates informed of your happenings.