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After the great number of updates I received the past few issues, it was bound to happen: a quarter with virtually no news. Oh, there were a few events, but mainly addenda to news already reported. One star worth noting: For those of us who enjoyed the music of Bar Scott in the days of the “Leopard’s Lair,” she had two downloadable Christmas songs on her website,

Beth Ganss has been promoted to chief financial officer for Binswanger Companies, Philadelphia, Pa. With more than 20 years of financial and operations experience, she joined the company in February 2010 as vice president of taxation. In her new position, she has responsibility for all corporate, financial, and administrative policies and procedures.

Beth was previously director of tax services for RSM McGladrey Inc., where she was primarily responsible for foreign FAS 109-accounting for income taxes at a large international client corporation. She also held tax management positions at Clifton Gunderson LLP and D. Crowley & Co., P.C., a public accounting firm that she co-founded in 1998. Beth received a degree in English from Lafayette, a second degree in accounting from Ursinus College, and a master’s in taxation from Villanova University.

I did note what may be the beginning of a trend, or a turning point, in what news you send. I know that the events in our lives tend to follow a certain trajectory. In my years writing this column, you’ve sent news of new jobs, weddings, and the arrival of children. You reported exciting vacations, midlife career changes, and college-bound offspring. I am happy to report what the new phase of our lives will be—pets! Yes, for any of you who feel that news of yourself and your offspring is passé, I offer a new option: Send me a picture of you and your pets together. I know what you’re thinking: your pet looks better than you do at this point. But take it from me, you both will look “mahhvelous.” So, any news is acceptable (especially if accompanied by really cute pictures). I await your correspondence.


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Our 30th reunion, June 10–12, is fast approaching. Past reunions had great class attendance, so make plans now to attend and reconnect with your classmates. Hope to see you there!

Bonnie McCorkindale is working with Dan Rockafellow on our reunion event and is a class agent this year to help in fund-raising efforts. Bonnie is in a master of divinity program at Drew University part time, and loves it. Her intent is to earn a Ph.D., although as a part-timer, she says it “could take years!” Exciting news in the McCorkindale household: a new ’Pard this fall, daughter Kate ’15. Congrats!

Mike Shor, after a 30-year career at Carpenter Technology, a specialty metals company in Reading, Pa., will retire in June as the executive vice president. Mike and his wife, Beth, will now split time between the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia. His daughter, Jessica, is a Penn State alum, married and living in Philadelphia. His youngest daughter, Jaclyn, graduated from Lehigh in 2007 and also lives in Philly. As far as time with Lafayette grads, he spends lots of time with his dad, Gil Shor ’52, and has hopes of catching up with the DKE group, whom he saw about five years ago.

Steve Gaffney joined DynCorp International as chair of the board of directors in July, and in August was named chief executive officer and president. Steve has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the defense industry. He was previously senior vice president of ITT Corp. and president of ITT Defense Electronics and Services. Early in his career, Steve led business segments at Litton Industries, Allied Signal, and Smith Industries.

On Nov. 9, I joined Lyn and Jim Alexander, Ken Troxell ’80, Steven and Denise Mayer ’82 Brownlee, and Cheryl and John Bowis ’85 for the annual Washington, D.C., chapter dinner at the City Tavern Club. Arthur Rothkopf ’55, the keynote speaker, spoke about the state of the U.S. national education system. There were many younger graduates at the dinner, as I guess now going on 30 years out makes us the older graduates! Heard from Jim that he had a nice holiday lunch with Harold Hocking and Dan Everett ’80 and both are doing well.

That is it on the news for this column. Still looking for someone to set up a Class of ’81 Facebook page. Any offers? Mark your calendars now for your trip back to the Hill to celebrate our 30th, June 10–12.


Robert J. Meindl Jr.
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President: Joan Dowgin Hilovsky
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Time flies. That’s what I’m thinking as I begin the writing process at the last possible minute—on the day that it is due. This brings back many memories of frantic typing sessions to finish a paper at the last minute, back in the day before you could email it to your professor at 11:59 p.m. What did we do before the Internet? I tried to describe what a punch card was to one of my teenagers recently, and the response was “why would you use something like that?” Reading your notes and letters and thinking of post-Internet children, I’m also struck by how many of us have “kids” who are in college or have finished. Yup, time flies. Amazing.

Speaking of change and flying time, I received an email from Kathie Beck Jankauskas, who has made several career changes since graduating from Lafayette. She has gone from structural engineering to staying home with her kids to her present career in graphics and web design with her own company, KJanStudio in Bucks County, Pa. Now that the nest is empty—her oldest son a college grad and her twin girls in college—she’s added fine arts back into the mix by taking oil painting at the Robert Beck (no relation) Academy in Lambertville, N.J. This past year, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel spoke at Kathie’s local Chamber of Commerce, and she jumped at the opportunity to paint him and present the work to him at the event (see photo). The painting, entitled Bad Call, depicts Manuel arguing with a referee and now hangs in his home in Florida. She sold limited edition giclée prints of the painting during the holiday season. These are the first pieces of artwork she has sold since she sold paintings from art camp as a 12-year-old! While she paints primarily still life and plein air landscape, but is currently working on a portrait of Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay. If you want to see what Kathie’s art, visit .

Laura Manz '82

Laura Manz '82

Laura Manz became senior vice president with Viridity Energy. Based out of San Diego, Laura is a nationally recognized leader in the energy industry, with over 25 years of experience. She most recently ran her own energy consulting firm and before that served in high level roles at California Independent System Operator and at San Diego Gas & Electric. In her new role, Laura will be responsible for Viridity’s western energy management operations and smart grid projects.

Jan Fuchella Carroll just missed the last deadline, as she was taking her elder daughter, Nicole, to start her first year at Boston College. Nicole wants to major in biology and start a pre-med track, which makes Jan feel old. Jan’s younger daughter, Emily, is in her sophomore year of high school and plays on the junior varsity field hockey team. Jan writes that she and her husband celebrated their 20th anniversary in June and live in Greenwich, Conn. Jan works as a personal money manager for high net worth clients and families in the Fairfield County, Conn., area and wants to take on more clients. She has been taking ballet classes for about a year. In August, Jan and her family went to Paris, which had been her lifelong dream. Jan keeps in touch with Tracy Hagert Sutka, and in April 2010, she and Tracy went to Washington, D.C., to visit Nancy Freeborne-Brinton ’83 and her husband, Henry.

Craig Kauffman rejoined Sapient Corp. as vice president of e-commerce practice. He lives in Newburyport, Mass., and is doing well. Craig also got married in April 2010 to Judy MacLean.

Joe Skladany '82

Joe Skladany '82

In our regular feature on Joe Skladany, Joe and his family live in Naples, Fla. His daughter, Sami, is studying nursing at St. Louis University. His son, Joey Jr., lives the high life in a penthouse apartment, working as an entertainment publicist in New York. Joe and his wife, Robin, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June and still have fun finding ways to amuse each other. Joe dropped a bomb on her recently when he accepted the position of general manager and head coach of an expansion semi- pro football team, the Collier County Carnage. They kicked off their first game in Key West in February and have set a team goal to play in the Super Bowl in Disney World in May. Joe finds time to help with this new team while also teaching AP chemistry, marine biology, and environmental science at Estero (Fla.) High School, where he is the football co-offensive coordinator and softball head coach. [Writer’s note: I have been called offensive but never co-offensive. Is that like codependent?] Joe says, “Who knew that the so-called retired life would keep me so busy!” He had the pleasure of meeting with Eric Schmude in Pittsburgh over the Thanksgiving holiday while both were in town visiting family. Schmude still looks like Ed Bundy and works for Pitney Bowes in Richmond, Va.

Joe also met Jack Siedlecki, former Lafayette football coach, in Naples when Jack was in town. Siedlecki retired as the head coach at Yale two years ago and is now the offensive coordinator at Marist College. He told Joe he has never had more fun coaching! Joe is still trying to break into the college ranks as a football coach. Joe says that “accepting a college coaching position would really blow my wife’s mind!” If you should be in southwest Florida, Joe’s door is always open to any Lafayette grad. Joe, keep the updates coming!

And that goes for the rest of you. I haven’t had to move to fictional accounts of what people are doing, but I’ll go there if I have to. This may include, but not be limited to, fictional jobs, children, pets, hobbies, jail time, etc., so please send me your news.


Michael D. Browne
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The year 2011 will be important for our class. It represents the 25th anniversary of the razing of the DU house, which inspired in me the same feelings as when the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis in the middle of the night. And, many of us will turn 50 years old. I looked in the mirror this morning, and it was frightening. Then again, when I looked in the mirror on most mornings in 1981 it was frightening too. (I guess wear and tear leads to the same outcome as blunt-force trauma.) I remember celebrating my 20th birthday, having a few drinks, and listening to AC/DC with J.B. Reilly, Benjie Boscolo, Richard Moller, Mark “DeLo” DeLorenzo, Scott Gordon, and Tony Furey. If all goes right, I will be doing a lot of the same on my 50th—maybe with higher-quality drinks. Anyway, your correspondent would appreciate getting 50th birthday updates during the course of the year.

Jeff Purdon '83

Jeff Purdon '83

I got a note from Class President Jeff Purdon. Jeff still makes his home in Atlanta but joined a new wealth management firm, Scott & Stringfellow, during the past year. Jeff was recognized again in Atlanta Magazine as one of the region’s best wealth managers, and he continues to teach an investments course at Oglethorpe University. Jeff continues in his quest to see every Major League Baseball park, having been to Minneapolis and Seattle during the past year. He hopes to complete the cycle by our 30th reunion. As a side note, President Purdon continues to hold a goal of 70 percent attendance at our reunion, so please lock down June 7–9, 2013.

Jim Glascott sent a quick note saying his twin sons, now juniors in high school, are interested in Lafayette. (I wonder if they visited the honorary statue of Jim outside the Button in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) Jim continues to run a significant portion of the fixed income business for Barclays Capital. He lives in Westchester County, N.Y., with his children and wife, Deirdre.

Amy Rea Webb writes that her daughter attends Moravian, and her son, a senior in high school, decided to attend Elon College in the fall. Amy tried to sell him on Lafayette, but the social void caused by the reduction of the fraternity system since its peak in the early ’80s worked against her. Amy stays in touch with Sue DeRitis Hanratty ’84 and Lesley Kraut Schwarzman ’84.

I got a nice note from Heidi Rowe. She had a mini reunion with Laurie Haag Lavalla and Adrienne Byrnes Flanagan in October in Philadelphia (see photo). Heidi lives in Delaware, teaches English as a second language, and as reported in a previous article, continues to coach field hockey. Laurie is in the Philadelphia area. Her eldest just graduated from Lehigh, and she has a seventh grader. Laurie lives close to her sister, Becky Haag Sommi ’81; I remember them sharing a summer place in Stone Harbor during our college years. Both attended a recent Lafayette celebration of the 40th anniversary of coeducation. Adrienne has one son in law school, one in college, and two high-schoolers. Her husband, Tom ’80, works in New York City; they live in Armonk, N.Y. As per the photo, the three of them have barely aged at all since Neil Armstrong’s graduation address in 1983.

Hal Kamine '78 (left), president of the Maroon Club, with Bob Mahr '83.

Hal Kamine '78 (left), president of the Maroon Club, with Bob Mahr '83.

Bob Mahr followed up. As reported in my last article, Bob was inducted into the Maroon Club Hall of Fame during the last Lafayette–Lehigh weekend. He was honored with Mike Whitman ’82 and, as such, got a chance to catch up with Linda Tedori Whitman. A number of other classmates made the trip to attend the festivities: Joe Calhoun, Jack Gatehouse, Ed Stahl (who lives in North Carolina), Ron DiBiase (who lives in California), (my and Tony Furey’s fellow Blair Hall neighbor) Tim Gerhart ’80, Jon Best ’80, Steve Biale ’82, Chris Hanley ’84, and Bill ’81 and Barb Strasburg ’84 Tucker. Shockingly, the night ended at CHT (was nice to hear they reopened) with some late night dining at the WaWa—limited fiber options on the menu, I’m told.

Bob Merenich attended the wedding of Patrick McKillion’s daughter Kirsten in October, which sounded like a great time. He continues to practice law with wife Molly. They have three children—Meghan, 10, Mary Kate, 8, and Erin, 6—and live in Linwood, N.J.

Francine Cardinale Shannon notes her daughter Emma started at Lehigh this fall. Apparently, Emma’s school selection has led to a passionate mother-daughter rivalry, culminating in a joint tailgate party at the Lehigh game this fall attended by Emma and six of her friends. Francine ran into several old friends at the game, including Mike “Beezer” Keller ’84, John ’81 and Margarette Hickey ’82 Devlin, and Leah Figur Akins ’82. Francine has a younger daughter, Abigail, 16, who was both MVP of her field hockey team and the lead actress in her school’s spring musical. College tours have started, and Francine is hopeful that Lafayette is in the picture.

Finally, I got a note from Lily Czechel Gruver. She lives in New Canaan, Conn. (grew up in Greenwich), and is vice chair of the New Canaan Environmental Group. Lily, a graduate of Wharton, shared that she spent a good part of her career in brand management with Proctor & Gamble. She has been married for 21 years and has a 15-year-old daughter, Quinn, who qualified this fall to row in the Head of the Charles Regatta. Quinn is obviously an elite rower. Lily is also actively involved with the College, serving as an alumni representative to her alma mater, Greenwich High School, and she also serves as a member of the Fairfield and Westchester counties alumni executive boards. Finally—and unfortunately—Lily wrote that Cleia Victorello Ferezin passed away in Mexico City Aug. 8 from cancer. Cleia’s husband, Luiz, and 18-year-old son, Nicholas, plus sister Carla Victorello Wood ’00 and other family members survive her. The class’ condolences go out to Cleia’s family and all who were close to her.


Karen Ziegler Kelly
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I hope everyone has had a happy 2011 so far.

Dr. Rich Friedenheim has been employed with Abington Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates for 12 years. He is board certified in internal, pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicines. He and Chauheung Leung were married May 30, and they are expecting their first child this May. Chauheung is a mechanical engineer and project manager for Globus Medical, Audubon, Pa. Rich and Chauheung live in Maple Glen, Pa.

Tom Quinn, a Phi Gamma Delta and four-year football player while at Lafayette, took his family on a tour of campus last year. Tom is impressed with the development of the College and the athletic facilities. He has been married to Catherine for 20 years, and they have a son Mac, 14, and a daughter Ryli, 12. The Quinns have lived in San Diego/Carlsbad for 12 years. For the past six years Tom has been president of Pro Performance Sports LLC (PPS). PPS is the parent company of the consumer brands SKLZ, Sport-Brella, and Adrenaline Lacrosse. Tom spent a week with Steve Rizzolo ’82 and his family. The Rizzolos reside in Whitefish, Mont., where Steve is a spine surgeon.

Rajesh Shah '84

Rajesh Shah '84

Rajesh Shah emailed to say that a story about his recent award and professional accomplishments is on the Lafayette website and also can be found at To recap, Rajesh pioneered the peer water exchange (PWX) model to solve the water and sanitation crises that impact over 2.6 billion people worldwide. His model has proven to work and now manages over $26 million in projects in 23 countries. Under the leadership of Rajesh, PWX received the 2010 Intel Environment Award. He lives in Bangalore, India.

Tony and Meg Watters Rodriguez live in Edina, Minn. Their daughter, Anna, is in her first year at Princeton. Meg informed me that Claudia Mitchell Weisberg moved from Orono, Minn., to St. Louis. Her husband, Scott, took a job as director of human resources for an international technology company in St. Louis. They have one son, Drew, who is in fifth grade. Tony recently met with Rich Doverspike. Rich and his wife, Michele, and their children live in New Hampshire. Tony says that Rich looks great and has maintained his hilarious sense of humor. Meg also keeps in touch with Barbara Murphy LaChance. Barb’s two older boys are at Penn State. Barb lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Michael, and their youngest son.

Christine Puz Klerer lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., with her husband, Robert. She is an insurance broker for claims liability with Gabriel Bundschuh & Associates, also in Scarsdale.

Thanks so much for sharing your news. Keep it coming!


Betsy Hughes Phillips
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President: Charles F. Smith Jr.
Fund Manager: Anne Harwood Matlack
Reunion Chair: Geri Landy Rago
Web Page Administrator: Open

Hello, classmates, and thank you for all of your news! I have been in touch with many of you since our great 25th reunion last June.

I’d first like to acknowledge our class officers who are already looking ahead to our next reunion in 2015. I’m happy to introduce Chuck Smith as our class president. Chuck served as our reunion chair last June and is a partner at the Lehigh Valley law firm Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino. His practice focuses on representing lenders and parties to real estate transactions and civil litigation. Chuck and his wife, Sue, live in Bethlehem, Pa., and have two sons, Tom, 9, and Joe, 6.

One of the more time-consuming class officer jobs is fund manager. Anne Harwood Matlack has done a great job of “bringing our numbers up,” and our class concluded the last fiscal year with a great showing of 35 percent participation, significantly higher than other classes in our representative age group. Anne and Chuck are already looking to the future as we fund-raise for Lafayette. At present, the College is proposing a major renovation to the Quad that would eliminate the road and surrounding parking spots, turning this vital part of Lafayette’s campus into a pedestrian-only area. Under discussion is how our class might contribute toward this initiative in a commemorative way. Anne lives in Riverton, N.J., is married to Eric Berndt ’84, and has a 5-year-old son, Ted. She is marketing director of MAS Products, a manufacturer of premium adhesives and solvents primarily for the marine industry.

Geri Landy Rago threw her hat in the ring and agreed to be reunion chair for our 30th. Her son Anthony ’14 is enjoying his first year at Lafayette. She has two other children, Marissa and Dean. Geri has the distinction of working for ONE company since graduating from Lafayette. Recruited by Procter & Gamble in 1981, Geri is celebrating 25 years with them and is in the sales and product supply division as supply chain and retail manager for the East. She lives in Mendham, N.J.

Bob Pursell and Michael Ippolito made the rounds at our reunion. Both graduated from Middletown (N.J.) High School (along with Carol Dunn Curtis and Steve Brown ’86). Bob lives in Silver Spring, Md., and is associate publisher at American Psychiatric Publishing. Michael lives in Ocean, N.J., and is managing director, Northeast region, of The Hay Group, a human resource consulting company. Michael’s children, Michael, 15, and Stephanie, 13, joined him for part of our reunion.

We have many classmates whose children are now applying to Lafayette, and at present, we have 11 legacies on campus. Joanne Ruziska Wachenfeld mentioned that her daughter Amanda, who is a competitive swimmer, visited Lafayette and met John and Jamy Galliker ’86 Floyd-Jones’ daughter Abby ’14 during a recruiting trip. Joanne has three other children, lives in Basking Ridge, N.J., and volunteers at her kids’ schools, the YMCA, and with local swim programs.

Amy Jack Powless lives in Darien, Conn., and has two daughters, Emma, 13, and Sarah, 11. Amy is working toward becoming a Connecticut swimming official, is co-chairing the girls’ summer swim team, and serves on the board of directors of the Darien Nature Center.

Dottie Ives Dewey, Joy Heffernan Warrington, and Marylyn Buser McLaughlin bunked together during reunion and all wrote in that it was “like old times.” Dottie lives in Bryn Mawr, Pa., and is a professor and chair of the geography and planning department at West Chester University. She has two daughters, Julia, 16, and Samantha, 12. Joy lives in West Chester, Pa., and keeps busy with her two boys, John, 16, and Brendan, 14, both of whom are involved in lacrosse and soccer and starting to look at colleges. She plays tennis with Jamy Floyd-Jones who lives down the street! Marylyn has four boys, Tommy (at Boston University), and Kyle, Aidan, and Sean, all three of whom attend the Delbarton School in Morristown, N.J., where Marylyn is involved in the parents’ association and ran the bookstore/retail unit for several years.

Thanks for your news. Please continue to keep in touch. Lafayette ladies, stay tuned for information on the Council of Lafayette Women’s biannual conference proposed for June.


Peter A. Gilbertson
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President: Robert D. Correll Jr.
Fund Manager: Kristen Gay Lewis
Reunion Chairs: Wynne A. Whitman, Thomas J. Kleinert

Hello, classmates. As of this June, we will have put 25 years between us and our Lafayette graduation. In other words, this is a BIG ONE, so mark the calendars for reunion, June 10–12. No excuses accepted. This is a great way to see your friends without cleaning, cooking, or buying beer. It’s a return to the days of only needing a key for 48 hours and having meals, drinks, and entertainment within walking distance. Our reunion committee (Jim and Karen Blinder Akerhielm, Howie Bierman, Craig Buermann, Karen Franck Bush, Bob Correll, Amanda Higgs Drobac, Ellen Eckert, Pete Gilbertson, Dave Gorelick, Jim Grace, Mike Groman, Paul Hackett, Martha Heinze, Dan Huffenus, Bette Scott Hughes, Jim Hummerstone, Tom Kleinert, John Martucci, Marc Merlin, Claudia Bierschwale Muller, John and Lisa Lacroce Patterson, Marlin Peterson, Susan Kowalenko, Donna Lucas Riley, Scott Schiable, Carl St. Bernard, Sam Strum, Chris Thatcher, Carrie Soumas Thompson, Wynne Whitman, John Wiedmayer, Brian Winiarski, Sandi Oehlert Yanisko, and Caroline Rebovich Zimmerman) is planning a great weekend.

Please keep those cards and letters coming. That’s what makes the column fun to read and fun to prepare. Your classmates want to know what’s up with you and yours!

Doug Campbell writes from Haiti, in lockstep with Father Tom Hagan, to report they’ve rebuilt most of the schools that were destroyed by the earthquake and continue to feed 9,000 children and elderly citizens each day. Recent outbreaks of cholera and political violence add to the strain, but Doug reports he is fine and cannot wait to see his classmates this summer. Doug will celebrate 22 years of marriage to his wife, Julie. His oldest daughter attends Fordham, his son is a first-year student at Holy Cross, and his youngest daughter attends high school in Springfield, Mass. Doug extends his gratitude to the many alumni who continuously offer prayers and support to the Hands Together mission. As Doug puts it, “Who would have ever thought that a little band of Lafayette misfits could have created such a program?” While Doug gives all the credit to Father Tom, we all know Doug’s commitment has been extraordinary. Doug, we’re proud of both of you.

Paul Brodeur '86

Paul Brodeur '86

Paul Brodeur was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives Nov. 2 and was sworn in Jan. 5. He notes he got some campaign help along the way from Jamie Flaherty ’12. See story online. [ALLISON, please make a link to the story here.] Congratulations, Paul!

Cathy Barthelmes Granzow notes that last spring, while attending a Queen tribute band concert in Princeton, N.J., she noticed John and Lisa Lacroce Patterson seated two rows ahead. (Lisa is director of individual giving at McCarter Theater.) The impromptu reunion had the fellow ’Pards dancing and singing along with the band (no one quit the day jobs, I trust). Teenage son Ben was more familiar with the lyrics than either mom or dad! Cathy met Wynne Whitman and Claudia Bierschwale Muller for lunch in August. During the visit, her then 20-month-old daughter, Elise, broke her leg, as every such gathering needs a source of drama. She later had lunch with her optometrist, Beth Halberstadt Rosenblatt. Beth is a very active sports mom, rushing her teenagers, Corey and Samantha, to their sports events.

Andrew Katz '86

Andrew Katz '86

Andrew Katz, formerly of Chernow Katz LLC, formed a new multiservice intellectual property law firm, Belles Katz LLC, in the Philadelphia area. The firm serves an impressive array of national and international clients in a wide range of industries and technical disciplines, including patents and trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, digital privacy rights, web advertising, and technology transfer.

Bruce and Patricia Houghton Troll write in from Gainesville, Fla., announcing Bruce has formed his own company, Granny Nannies of Gainesville, a home health care concern. Good luck with the new venture. We hope that even with the demands of a new start-up you will navigate your way to the reunion in June!

Scott Frisch is professor of political science at California State University–Channel Islands. Previously, he was a Presidential Management Fellow in the Department of Treasury, 1988–90, with rotations through the Office of Management & Budget and the office of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.). After Lafayette, Scott earned his master’s in government administration from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University.

Christopher and Catherine Hayes Nolan split their residence between Wayne, N.J., and Surf City, N.J. (summer). Cathy logs 20,000 miles annually in the minivan, busy shuttling Kathleen, a sophomore at Montclair (N.J.) Kimberley Academy, who is active in cheerleading, dance, and lacrosse. Chris Jr., an eighth grader at Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHM) in Wayne, N.J., plays baseball and both ice and floor hockey. John Patrick, a fourth grader at IHM, also a hockey and baseball player, manages to pile on rec basketball, soccer, and flag football. The youngest, Daniel, a first grader at IHM, plays floor hockey, basketball, and soccer. All the boys take piano lessons, while Kathleen plays violin. Sounds like the mileage will be up to 40,000 in no time!

Bob (class president) and Mary Agnes Stevenson Correll announce they’ve moved to the New Jersey Shore on a permanent, year-round basis. So if you’re near Bay Head next summer, look them up (maybe you’ll run into Snookie?).

See you all in June!


Edward I. Ackerman
276 Brookline St.
Needham, MA 02492

President: John C. Santos Jr.
Fund Manager: Lori Garb Blutfield
Reunion Chairs: Elise Nappi, Madeline Green Smith
Web Page Administrator: Edward I. Ackerman

Today in Class of ’87: The Column: a boatful of patent attorneys, a fabulous dinner party, a screenplay, the miracle of birth, fluid dynamics, and radioactivity.

Kate Gross Randazzo writes to say she’s keeping it real despite having been diagnosed last year with thyroid cancer. Kate shrugs off her illness as “just a speed bump in my busy life” and even jokes about it as “an opportunity to ingest something radioactive.” By “busy,” she might be referring to teaching nursery school, training a puppy, working with others to revitalize the Princeton chapter of the Lafayette College Alumni Association, and…what was that other thing? Oh yes, I forgot: raising four children. Kate describes the supervision of school projects such as “making a replica of a stingray out of felt” with all the courageous nose-to-the-grindstone optimism of an Ayn Rand heroine, minus the 1,000-plus humorless pages of antisocialist diatribe. Bravo, Kate, and be well!

Word has reached me of the April 2009 addition of baby Anna to the household of Pericles Gregoriou and his wife, Kelli. Congratulations to the Gregoriou family.

Congratulations also to computational fluid dynamics expert John Richardson, Ph.D., who I hear was hired by international design, consulting, engineering, and management services company Arcadis as its senior technical expert for hydrodynamic modeling.

Scott Kyreakakis “wrote on my wall” (couldn’t Facebook have devised a messaging metaphor that doesn’t suggest urban decay?) that he “had the pleasure of visiting Wynne Whitman ’86 at her home in Spring Lake, N.J., and partaking in a fantastic dinner with Dia Simeonidis McWalters and her husband, Tim, Bonnie Weinberg Adelkopf, Tom Kleinert ’86, and Sandy Kazinski ’85. Bob Zelnick also dropped in for a cocktail at Wynne’s home, and John and Jackie Crawshaw ’88 Santos came over for a nightcap.” Scott said the evening made him nostalgic to reconnect with other classmates, hence this “hey” to you all via me, with thanks owed to the social networking craze.

Paul McCormick writes: “On Oct. 15, The News Virginian published an article about my novellas, Marsupial Man and The Physics of Madness. I’m also excited about the completion of a screenplay for Marsupial Man.” Meanwhile, Paul also works as a licensed polygraph examiner. “I still investigate primarily sex and violent crimes. Most recently, I assisted another agency in resolving a 20-year-old homicide case.”

Leif Sigmond '87

Leif Sigmond '87

Last but certainly not least, the Chicago law firm of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff proudly announced that a team consisting of four of its patent attorneys, led by skipper Leif Sigmond, earned a first-place victory for the U.S. in the 2010 Patent Cup sailing regatta held last June 3–6 off the island of Marstand in Sweden. Each team competed in an identically rigged J/80 sailboat. This was not Leif’s first such victory; in 2006, he was part of the four-man crew that earned the first-ever first-place finish for a U.S. team. With inspiring sportsmanship, ship sportsman Leif adds: “Participating in this regatta over the years has provided the opportunity to meet a great many people in the global patent community and to make lifelong friends. The important thing is participating, not winning.”

Next time in Co87TC: anomalous monism, deconstructing The Hague, and harnessing all the power in the universe. Or maybe none of those. But stay tuned!


Tim Hylan
50 Old Tappan Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542

President: David R. Rose Jr.
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In January, Len Barlik was named executive vice president of product management and development for Cox Communications. One of five officers who report to the president, he is responsible for providing overall leadership and accountability for product strategy, development, and delivery of Cox’s advanced digital video, Internet, telephone, and wireless services. He oversees the long-range product development process to ensure continued growth and profitability of Cox’s products and services.

Len received his degree in engineering and computer science from Lafayette and an MBA from University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He has more than 20 years of experience in product development, strategy, and technology roles.  Prior to Cox, he served as vice president of wireless and wireline product development for Sprint Nextel Corp. He held a number of senior-level roles while at Sprint including vice president of technology research and development, and vice president of corporate strategy and development. Prior to Sprint, he was with Procter & Gamble, holding various engineering and manufacturing operations management positions.

Len served previously on the CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus Leadership Council, Federal Communications Commission Technical Advisory Committee, and the University of Kansas Research Center Board of Trustees.


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