Senior Takes Silver on Food Network’s “Chopped”

friedmanDrew Friedman ’16 (Port Washington, N.Y.) finished runner-up as he competed for a $10,000 purse on the March 15 special college episode of “Chopped.”

“While I have always been a competitive person, nothing could compare to the experience I had on set,” says Friedman, known as “Mr. Tastebuds” on campus. “The authenticity and realness of the competition brought everyone together.”

The cooking challenge pitted Friedman and three other undergrads against one another to concoct the best dishes from loaded pantries—featuring odd ingredients like energy drink and rambutan—while racing against the clock.

Despite describing his curried arroz con pollo with tomato sauce appetizer as “insanely delicious,” the judges penalized Friedman for failing to use graham cracker cereal, a required ingredient, in his dessert.

Friedman, with degrees in economics and psychology, aspires to rock a business career in the restaurant world. “Ironically, I guess, [cooking] is the part of the industry I don’t want to
get into.”