President’s Message: Forward Progress

This has been an eventful spring for Lafayette. We have had some wonderful college-wide speakers, including actor/producer Tom Hanks; legendary civil rights activist Diane Nash; and author/radio commentator Sarah Vowell, who found a perfect audience in Colton Chapel for discussion of her recent book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States. We had a less welcome […]

Sundays with Bryan

by Kellen H. Graham ’04 At first, English Professor Bryan Washington confounded me. I admired his astonishing intellect, his passion for teaching, and his wicked sense of humor. On the other hand, I found him loud, arrogant, and unapologetic with regard to his politics, and he wore his aristocratic pretensions on his sleeve. It was […]

Editor’s Note: A Creative Confluence

My imagination vibrates at a pretty high frequency, so when I began working at Lafayette six years ago I was heartened to discover I wasn’t alone. The campus teems with fellow sojourners full of curiosity and courage, qualities necessary for the lifelong journey of the creative life. In his best-selling book The Geography of Bliss, […]


Business Brothers I just finished reading the article [“Eat Play Love”] in the fall Lafayette on Phil Noto ’72 and Santisi. It was great reading about his experience, leadership, and wonderful products. It certainly made me proud to be his brother in the bond of Phi Delta Theta. Interestingly, there was a piece titled “King […]

Ties That Bind

As I approach my final days as president of the Alumni Association, I am reminded of the importance of creating connections with fellow alumni and strengthening the ties that bind us to our alma mater. These efforts have been my focus over the past two years. To realize the full potential of our alumni body, […]

Building a Better Lafayette College

The Lafayette of the future might look different, but it will embrace the same values In March, the Board of Trustees agreed to a new strategic initiative for the College to become more diverse and competitive over the next six to eight years. The new strength will come from a tighter embrace of the ideals […]