Business Brothers

I just finished reading the article [“Eat Play Love”] in the fall Lafayette on Phil Noto ’72 and Santisi. It was great reading about his experience, leadership, and wonderful products. It certainly made me proud to be his brother in the bond of Phi Delta Theta.

Interestingly, there was a piece titled “King of Cranberries” about another Phi Delta Theta, Gordon Swanson ’66. It mentions his business experiences, but also his connection to the Brothers, including Kent Rockwell.

—Mike McClintock ’71

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the well-written and illustrated story in the current issue of Lafayette. There was a lot of information to put out in a concise way and your team managed it to perfection.

I was most taken by the artistic illustrations … very clever and eye-catching too! Kudos for a job well done!

Thank you so much for telling our little Lafayette story. We will continue to stay connected.

Best Regards…and BEAT Lehigh!

—Phil Noto ’72

Dear Mike and Phil,
Writing about the amazing accomplishments of Lafayette’s graduates is an education for us on the magazine staff. The alumni community is filled with individuals who truly make a difference in the world.

—Sharon Sanders
Assistant Editor

Kudos to Ketcham

Your piece on Clay Ketcham [“Ahead of the Class”] brought back good memories and some ironic connections . . . . I never had Clay as a professor, but she did some career testing on me. Those results affirmed a love of people, but not of science . . . . As I collected my master’s [secondary education degree in October 1966], Clay was invested with the doctoral hood from what was by then the School of Education at Lehigh. We saw each other briefly that day, and she made a classically Clay remark I will reveal only under duress.

—Rusty Shunk ’65

Dear Rusty,
I never met Clay, but I learned from writing about her that she was a special woman who impacted the lives of many students. It’s clear to me that connections made at Lafayette last a lifetime.

—Kathleen Parrish