Developing Body Mindfulness

In her book Body Mindful Yoga, Jennifer Womer Kreatsoulas ’99 provides techniques for helping people develop a healthier relationship with their bodies. She outlines four steps that can help people establish an awareness of their inner dialogue and develop rituals that support a self-affirming relationship with their bodies.

  1. Listen: Know thyself. Study your strengths and weaknesses to determine where you are in your life, and identify what you need your next step to be. Naming a starting point allows you to chart a course for future success.
  2. Learn: Honor what you know and invite new wisdom. Now that you are clearly aware of your starting point, dive into learning what you need to empower yourself to serve others, and be at peace within.
  3. Love: Practice new wisdom in your inner life. To embody knowledge is to practice it in your personal life and in your mind. Notice how words fill your mind in different situations. Practice using words carefully in your yoga, meditation, creative, and other personal practices. You will be able to measure your progress as new situations arise.
  4. Live: Share new wisdom with others through example. Model affirming language for others so you empower others as well as yourself.