A Newbie’s Guide to Esports

A 6v6 first-person shooter team game with a bunch of different heroes. A team wins by controlling an objective (in whatever form it comes) more than the other team.

Casey Ford ’23
Computer Science

A team-based game in which players assume the role of one of 148 champions to destroy the other team’s nexus. The complexity of the game has led to a thriving competitive scene in which millions of viewers watch the best players compete at a global stage.

Frank Ruggierio ’22
Chemical Engineering

A fast-paced game of soccer where players use jet-propelled cars to hit and score the ball. The jets provide an aerial aspect to hitting the ball into the goal, whereas in real life, gravity prevents regular soccer players from leaving the field.

Thomas Stranick ’21
Electrical Engineering

Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game that features gaming’s biggest mascots duking it out. This is the fifth game in the series and a magnum opus in modern-day gaming.

Zach Freiheiter ’23Music

An online card game that perfectly captures the timeless experience of drawing the right card at the wrong time, while including mechanics only possible in a digital game.

Andrew Bachman ’21
Electrical Engineering and German