Perpay’s Pard Network

Chris DiMarco ’98 is connected to the Lafayette community. He actively participates in career and entrepreneurial programming. Around 20% of Perpay employees are Lafayette alums.

Dana Melby ’19
Operations Specialist

Seeing how your work makes a positive difference is extremely rewarding and keeps you energized to continue working hard to push the company forward.


Amanda Case ’17
Operations Lead

The best part about working at Perpay is that you are surrounded by teammates who are invested in your growth and success, whether that be professional or personal.


Sam Poritzky ’17
Supply Chain Specialist

Every day, things are changing as the team faces new challenges. However, Perpay has created a culture that strives to think of challenges as opportunities.



Rob King ’17
Business Development Lead

We’re constantly striving to improve both our processes and ourselves. This results in an environment in which each team member is encouraged—if not required—to think critically about the continuous growth of our product and team.