Green Living

  1. Bags
    “We use cloth shopping bags, reusable, dishwasher-safe silicone baggies for sandwiches and snacks, and nylon mesh pull-string bags to replace produce bags at the grocery store.”
  2. Silverware
    “My husband and I now each have a small pouch of reusable silverware and chopsticks that we take with us. They come in handy for when we are out at concerts, festivals, parks, or just on the run for the day.”
  3. Household cleaners
    “We switched to a zero-waste company that sells small water-soluble pods that dissolve in glass bottles. We also create our own cleaners, mixing vinegar, water, and a drop of lavender.”
  4. Decluttering
    “I’ve recognized we have a number of things that we are not really using and that they could be really meaningful or useful to other people. So we are working to sell or donate what we aren’t using. It’s a good feeling to let go of things that bring joy to others.”
  5. Gifting
    “Our family focuses on giving gifts that are consumable. We have made elderberry syrup and English muffin bread for holidays. It’s a fun activity to do with my son, and I find that other people appreciate the gifts.”

How Can I Help?

“Alumni have knowledge and experience that Lafayette students can benefit from,” she says. “We would love to hear from alumni who would like to engage.” Nahman is interested in building a network of sustainability-minded members of the Lafayette alumni community.

You can email Nahman’s team at; you can also share your own “sustainability story” at