So, You Want to Buy a Vacuum?

While Perpay’s marketplace prices are sometimes slightly higher than retail, DiMarco says it’s still a more reasonable offering than high-interest credit cards or predatory markups on rent-to-own purchases. Here’s how its promise of “eight easy payments” works.

  1. APPLY  Perpay asks for information about a customer’s financials and employment.
  2. GET ON A BUDGET  A healthy spending limit is determined. (It’s usually around 5% to 10% of one’s net pay.)
  3. SHOPThe customer chooses from thousands of items on Perpay’s marketplace.
  4. MAKE THE FIRST PAYMENTMoney is automatically deducted from the next direct deposit, and a line of credit is extended so the item is shipped quickly.
  5. PAY OVER TIME  The customer continues paying off the balance with seven remaining automated payroll direct deposits.

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