Welcome to the summer issue of Lafayette magazine.

Here you’ll meet Joel Cesare ’04, green building superhero, adventure junkie, and social entrepreneur. I spent time with him and his wife, Lauren Ricca ’04, in California last year and even tagged along on a beach outing where the duo taught at-risk teens how to surf. In “Breaking History,” New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt ’05 dishes about front-page scoops, while videographer Beth Spitalny ’01 keeps it rolling in “A Life in Focus.” We also have a lot of cat photos in this issue. See if you can find them all.

In the Marquis' Footsteps


Starting with Philadelphia, we follow the Marquis’ journey—both as a major-general in the Continental Army and then as a 14-month “Guest of the Nation”—through a different city each issue of the magazine.

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Diamonds are This Boy’s Best Friend


On hot summer nights, the window in his boyhood bedroom open to catch even the hint of a breeze, Kevin Moss ’04 could hear the voice of God. In an elegant, reassuring baritone, the voice would repeatedly intone: “Now batting for the New York Yankees…”

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It Swims. It Squirts Water. It’s Robo Fish!


Students collaborated all year on projects for the mechanical engineering senior design course. Here's one of them.

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