Welcome to the summer issue of Lafayette magazine.

The COVID-19 crisis brought unprecedented challenges and uncertainty to our world. As the weight of the pandemic disrupted daily lives, created economic hardship, and threatened public health, we watched as our alumni, faculty, staff, and students rose to the occasion, demonstrating flexibility, leadership, and resolve to help those around them and ensure the safety of those in our community—and beyond.

This special issue of Lafayette magazine, which was produced virtually (thanks to Zoom, Slack, and a few socially distanced photo shoots), celebrates those who responded to the pandemic with strength and ingenuity, shares how student life was altered, and recognizes our newest group of alumni, the Class of 2020.

As always, we continue to cover stories of scholarship, service, and engagement. If you are not a subscriber to our three regular newsletters—From the HillPard Pride, and GoLeopards.com Daily—please subscribe here, and please send your story ideas to comdiv@lafayette.edu.


Production of the summer issue of Lafayette alumni
magazine was underway when the violent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd generated worldwide outcry and demands for justice.

In the aftermath of these murders, members of the Lafayette College community have spoken out to condemn racism, pledge support to our Black students, faculty, and staff, and acknowledge that as an educational institution we need to take an active role in understanding and
combating systemic racism.

The fall issue of Lafayette alumni magazine will be dedicated to
these critical issues.

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