Travel Photographers

The Office of International and Off-Campus Education held its annual photo contest to highlight images captured by students taking advantage of off-campus educational opportunities during summer and fall 2019 and winter interim 2020.

“This year it was all the more poignant reviewing these photos as the spring 2020 students were prematurely returning home,” says Rochelle Keesler, director of the Office of International and Off-Campus Education. 

Although COVID-19 disrupted the spring semester and will interfere with students’ fall travel, the pandemic illustrates the value of providing students with opportunities to grow as global citizens. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to explore new environments to experience new perspectives, navigate different cultures, and communicate with diverse peers, all of which can have a transformative impact.

“The environmental, epidemiological, and social events of 2020 have demonstrated in a tangible way the importance of Lafayette students experiencing different cultures and places in an immersive way in order to better examine their own culture and role in the world,” Keesler says. “We look forward to learning about our evolving world through the eyes of our future study abroad students as international travel becomes attainable again.”

Keesler’s office received more than 80 photo submissions. Entries were grouped into four different categories. Below you’ll find the winners of each category plus a gallery featuring a few of the finalists.

The World is Your Classroom


“Cacao Beans Drying at ‘La Iguana Chocolate’ in Costa Rica” Elle Cox ‘21During my Tropical Botany class, we visited La Iguana Chocolate, a cacao polyculture farm. There, we not only created chocolate, but also observed the cacao beans drying after fermentation and learned the history and politics of chocolate making, a delicious and educational experience. Lafayette in Costa Rica

A selection of entries: