Shannon Sigafoos

  • Moved by music

    Moved by music

    How an alumni couple inspired the College’s newest song.

  • Catching up with Yolanda Wisher ’98

    Catching up with Yolanda Wisher ’98

    Pard poet reflects on the writing process.

  • All in harmony

    All in harmony

    This year, through community and collaboration-and the lyrics and composition of two alumni-the newest College song has emerged.

  • About the gift

    About the gift

    Bergh family fellows program is expected to support at least 1,000 students over 5 years.

  • Making a mark

    Making a mark

    From conducting cancer experiments in San Diego to studying languages in West Africa—internship, research, and study abroad opportunities around the world are expanding how and where our students learn. Their work also has far-reaching impact.