Meet the New Boss

New women’s lacrosse head coach Katie McConnell spent the last three seasons at the helm of Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y., leading the Jaspers to an 11-6 record last spring and the team’s first postseason appearance since 2009. She was named 2019 MAAC Coach of the Year, and the 11 wins were tied for most in program history. Here are some facts about the new boss you might not know.

She was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Cinnaminson, N.J.

Her loyal family will be traveling to watch the Leopards play: parents Patty and Jerry from Cinnaminson; sister Jeannie and her husband, Derrick, along with their five children from Norristown, Pa.; and her brother Frank from Philadelphia. Her youngest brother, Tim, lives in Texas.

Her philosophy of coaching can be summed up as effort, communication, positivity.

Her motto is, “If I don’t believe it, no one else will.”

Before games, she listens to motivational speeches on YouTube.

If she weren’t coaching lacrosse, she would want to be a fashion designer.

Her interests outside lacrosse include reading, working out, attending sporting events and concerts, going to the beach in Ocean City, N.J., and hanging out with her family, friends, and dog, Maddie.

If she were stranded on a desert island with only one thing to eat, it would pizza, hands down.

Her favorite movie of all time is Serendipity.

Her favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother.

Surprising facts:

She’s an aunt to triplets.
She’s been a newspaper delivery person for three different newspapers.
She has a library card from every city she’s lived in.

If she could meet one person from history, it would be Mother Teresa because she set a positive example for how we all should treat each other.