Welcome to the fall issue of Lafayette magazine.

Living your best life often means pursuing work and passions that bring you personal joy and fulfillment. But for many, living a truly meaningful and happy life involves giving of oneself to enhance the wellbeing of others. This issue captures the stories of several members of the Lafayette community who are doing just that. Read about the campus programs that address students’ emotional needs, the former athlete who is giving underprivileged kids a shot at a different kind of future, and the alumnae who wants to empower you to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. We hope their stories inspire you to live your own best life.


Writing, a Lifetime Companion


Writing is as vital as nutrition to Jenn Rossmann. Without a daily intake, she often feels as if something is missing from her intellectual diet.

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Proteins Behaving Badly


When certain brain proteins misfold and twist together in a confused mess, it can result in brain damage. Prof. Justin Hines is working to untangle the clutter.

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