Spring 2024

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As our staff created this issue, meaningful art emerged as a recurring theme. Take, for example, the profile about Jolie Saint Vil ’27, a first-year art major who practices legacy painting to honor her family heritage. And, in “Illustrated”, where readers can step into the secret Kirby Room in Van Wickle Hall—a Gilded Age masterpiece. The layout for the Posse Scholars feature was inspired by the powerful effects of murals, public artwork that’s created with love, optimism, and community. As a catalyst for positive change, the medium echoed Posse’s program mission. For the Masters of the Air excerpt, Lafayette designer Ellen O’Malley curated a powerful World War II gallery: Boeing B-17s that start on the ground, climb into perilous skies, and, hopefully, return airmen to the base. Finally, the illustrations for the cover story embody the entrepreneurial journey and spirit of the three alumni behind the company GoPeer. Among the iPads, globes, and molecules, we asked artist Nicolò Canova to work in one more personal detail: GoPeer’s logo, a backpack.
  • Amanda Golini goes for gold

    Amanda Golini goes for gold

    Amanda Magadan Golini ’17 will be competing in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

  • Art imitates life

    Art imitates life

    Emerging artist Jolie Saint Vil ’27 celebrates her Haitian heritage through family legacy painting.

  • Beyond books

    Beyond books

    Many professors within the Engineering Division take a creative approach to engage students in practical problem-solving.

  • Breaking records

    Breaking records

    Highlighting some of Lafayette’s student-athletes who had record-breaking performances this year.

  • Check this

    Check this

    Lafayette alumni share their latest work.

  • Deep-learning findings

    Deep-learning findings

    Samuel Ehgartner ’24 and Ismail Jouny, professor and department head of electrical and computer engineering, explore deep-learning algorithms.

  • Electric Vehicle Club

    Electric Vehicle Club

    Laf Club Spotlight: Learning more about Lafayette’s Electric Vehicle Club.

  • Elevating a purpose

    Elevating a purpose

    A Q&A with President Nicole Hurd and Vice President of Inclusion Ernest E. Jeffries, who joined Lafayette in January.

  • Embrace a new money mindset

    Embrace a new money mindset

    Andy Gupta ’00 helps female investors get comfortable with the market and build stronger financial futures.

  • Founders’ Day festivities

    Founders’ Day festivities

    Scenes from celebrating the College’s beginnings nearly 200 years ago.

  • Getting gold in green

    Getting gold in green

    Thanks to a variety of efforts on campus, Lafayette earned a gold rating for its sustainability efforts.

  • Gratitude to Alumni Association Board leadership

    Gratitude to Alumni Association Board leadership

    This summer marks new leadership transition for Lafayette’s Alumni Association Board.

  • Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

    Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

    Assistant professor of chemistry Michael Bertucci was one of eight awardees in the country to receive the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

  • Historic season for Pards football

    Historic season for Pards football

    The 2023-24 Lafayette football squad continued earning accolades well after their NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision Playoffs.

  • Journey through time

    Journey through time

    Lafayette continues its tradition of geological expeditions to Ringing Rocks Park in Upper Black Eddy, Pa.

  • Justin Kamine ’11 tops USA Today list

    Justin Kamine ’11 tops USA Today list

    Justin Kamine ’11 named “Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2024.”

  • Lafayette lands VP debate

    Lafayette lands VP debate

    Lafayette College has been chosen to host the 2024 vice presidential debate on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2024. The debate, which will be held at Kirby Sports Center, will be broadcast live on several television stations…

  • Learning reimagined

    Learning reimagined

    In 2017, three Lafayette students launched a company called GoPeer. Now they are aiming to revolutionize the learning industry.

  • Local legacy

    Local legacy

    Paul Barclay, professor of history, is working to preserve the names and stories behind Easton Cemetery.

  • Love where you live

    Love where you live

    Interior designer Nina Patterson ’15 offers budget-friendly style tips so you can love where you live.

  • March Madness bracketology

    March Madness bracketology

    Through data science, Ross Coleman ’22 helps make sense of the very unpredictable NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

  • Marquis traditions

    Marquis traditions

    A look at some of Lafayette’s signature spring events, old and new.

  • Masters of the Air

    Masters of the Air

    “Masters of the Air” by Donald L. Miller, John Henry MacCracken Professor Emeritus of History, inspired the World War II miniseries of the same name.

  • On her toes

    On her toes

    Psychology major Jillian Collins ’24 competes for a world title in Irish dance during her final semester on College Hill.

  • Professor Jenn Rossmann honored

    Professor Jenn Rossmann honored

    Professor Jenn Rossmann was honored for her career’s work as a 2023 Sterling Olmsted award recipient.

  • Rare Marquis letter acquired

    Rare Marquis letter acquired

    Skillman Library’s Special Collections and Archives recently added a new letter to its trove of personal archives from the Marquis.

  • Record admissions

    Record admissions

    Lafayette received a record-breaking number of early decision applicants for the Class of 2028.

  • Scaling up

    Scaling up

    Lafayette’s Tech Clinic modernizes a third-generation trout hatchery near the Poconos.

  • Skillman celebrates 60 years

    Skillman celebrates 60 years

    A look back at the Skillman Library shortly after it opened.

  • Taking on spotted lantern flies

    Taking on spotted lantern flies

    The Washington Post interviewed Daniel Strömbom, assistant professor of biology, for an article about spotted lantern flies.