Spring 2024

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As our staff created this issue, meaningful art emerged as a recurring theme. Take, for example, the profile about Jolie Saint Vil ’27, a first-year art major who practices legacy painting to honor her family heritage. And, in “Illustrated”, where readers can step into the secret Kirby Room in Van Wickle Hall—a Gilded Age masterpiece. The layout for the Posse Scholars feature was inspired by the powerful effects of murals, public artwork that’s created with love, optimism, and community. As a catalyst for positive change, the medium echoed Posse’s program mission. For the Masters of the Air excerpt, Lafayette designer Ellen O’Malley curated a powerful World War II gallery: Boeing B-17s that start on the ground, climb into perilous skies, and, hopefully, return airmen to the base. Finally, the illustrations for the cover story embody the entrepreneurial journey and spirit of the three alumni behind the company GoPeer. Among the iPads, globes, and molecules, we asked artist Nicolò Canova to work in one more personal detail: GoPeer’s logo, a backpack.