• Art imitates life
    Spring 2024

    Art imitates life

    Emerging artist Jolie Saint Vil ’27 celebrates her Haitian heritage through family legacy painting.

  • Moved by music

    Moved by music

    How an alumni couple inspired the College’s newest song.

  • The Williams Center turns 40

    The Williams Center turns 40

    This year, the College celebrates four decades of artistic excellence and memories.

  • Catching up with Yolanda Wisher ’98
    Fall 2023

    Catching up with Yolanda Wisher ’98

    Pard poet reflects on the writing process.

  • All in harmony

    All in harmony

    This year, through community and collaboration-and the lyrics and composition of two alumni-the newest College song has emerged.

  • En plein air

    En plein air

    Jim Toia, Lafayette’s director of community-based teaching, steps outside with students to sketch an abstract sculpture on campus called Transcendence.