Making a mark

From conducting cancer experiments in San Diego to studying native languages in West Africa—internship, research, and study abroad opportunities around the world are expanding how and where Lafayette students learn.


All in Harmony

The newest song in the College’s musical catalog has emerged. Lyrics by Yolanda Wisher ’98, composition by Tom DiGiovanni ’96, and commissioned by the Lafayette Alumni Chorus, “Why Not?” was created out of community and collaboration.


A watershed moment

In an effort to revitalize local waterways and protect the endangered life cycle of freshwater mussels, the College teamed up with conservancy groups to demolish existing dams on Bushkill Creek.

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Big Ideas


Lesson in sustenance

Through civic-minded programs, Lafayette helps to address food insecurity in Easton.


Engineers at work

Can this bike built by associate professor of mechanical engineering Alexander Brown and Lafayette students save lives?


Within reach

Pianist-mechanical engineer Manaka Gomi ’23 is designing a keyboard that’s inclusive of musicians with smaller hands.

“We live in an age of information overload, and we have to trust our own judgment, experience, and education when we’re consuming that information.”

Will Johnson ’02,

CEO of The Harris Poll

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