The Year of the Pivot

As COVID-19 challenged the Lafayette College community, students, faculty, and staff alike showed dedication, resilience, and ingenuity to successfully…

A Living Laboratory

At Lafayette, problem-solving isn’t confined to the classroom. Students apply their knowledge to real-world situations to improve the world.

A Table for Two, Please

Alison Byerly’s first five years as Lafayette’s 17th president coincided with my final five years as chair of the Board of Trustees. When the Search…

Change Agent

President Alison Byerly will be remembered as a leader who at once embodied the values of Lafayette College and placed it on a trajectory to get ever stronger…

President’s Message

Leading and Learning It is hard to believe that eight years have passed since I was named the seventeenth president of Lafayette College. By the time I…

Parklets and Pandemics

Architectural engineering students at Lafayette reimagine sidewalk and street spaces to help restaurants expand outdoor seating.

In Her Element

Prof. Megan Rothenberger ’02 is inspiring the next generation of conservationists at Lafayette College.

Open Wide for Your Daily Dose

Tom Page '79 combines his love of history, lifelong learning, and filmmaking into three to four-minute microlearning documentaries.

How Do We Regain Trust in Science?

We posed this question to Nancy McCreary Waters, associate professor of biology, who also serves as the faculty health profession adviser through the College’s…